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No description

jason shaner

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Frankenstein

The Plot
in the book Victor Frankenstein Tries to figure out the secret of life and create his own human life form but after he makes his own person the plot turns into finding and killing the Monster.
in the book the setting is in Geneva Switzerland. In the movie it is also in set in Geneva.
The main characters are Victor Frankenstein, Alphonse Frankenstein, Elizabeth Frankenstein, The monster, Robert Walton, and Henry Clerval. In the movie Henry is the one who creates the monster but in the book victor creates him
In this book the theme is probably Death and grief because in Victor's family almost everyone he knows passes away in a small time period. And the pressure falls on victor to end what he created.
Authors/director's style
In the authors style he uses a lot of background and foreshadowing.
Frankenstein by mark Shelly
The Setting
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