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''Cannonball'' by Damien Rice: Song Analysis

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JanetJessLily LiNguyenMeng

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of ''Cannonball'' by Damien Rice: Song Analysis

Song Analysis
"Cannonball" by Damien Rice

allows audience to see, feel, taste, and hear what the artist went through
vividly paints a picture in the perspective of the artist
"Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth"
"Life- it taught me to die"
unwanted yet unforgettable memory
illustrates that there is more to life
shows what was expected and what happened in reality
What does it mean?
something that was supposed to be beautiful turned out to be cruel
the artist was left broken
What does it mean?
relates thoughts and feelings to an idea that is simple to understand
"So it's not hard to fall when you float like a cannonball"
What does it mean?
compares himself to a cannonball
he dives in love too quickly
"Stones taught me to fly"
What it means:
- the pain from his past relationship taught him to let go and leave her
- Illustrates the artist's struggle with relationships in the past
- Shows that the artist is scared to fall in love again
What it means:
- events from his past relationships shaped who he is now
- Brings his past relationships to life
- Illustrates that through all his experiences, he has been reluctant to fall in love so quickly
What it symbolizes:
- destruction, pain, misery, death, war, eruption, heavy
- Symbolizes artist's emotions
- He is feels that all his relationships will end up in eruption
- "Floats like a cannonball" symbolizes him diving into relationships
"Still a bit of your ghost, your witness"
What it means:
What it means:
"So come on, courage teach me to be shy"
What it means:
The artist does not want to be left heartbroken by being brave
He wants to be "shy" so he will need to take things slower
Makes you read in between the lines and dig deeper for the meaning
Connects to something simple so we understand
Creates a vivid image in our mind
The artist is confused about the girl's feelings for him
It makes him reluctant to express his feelings for her
Emphasizes the importance of the line
Helps you understand a big idea of the song
"You step a little closer each day, that I can't say what's going on."
Don't start a new relationship until you have completely moved on.

Don't move too fast in a relationship if one of you is not ready
The singer feels like his crush is always watching him
Indirectly means that she is always on his mind when he is doing things
Makes him cautious of what he does
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