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And who doesn't love that?

Neins NeintyNein

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of CUBAN TOBACCO

Double click anywhere & add an idea Modern Cuban Tobacco Trade
Spearheaded by Habanos S.A. The Habanos S.A. HQ Oscar Basuto Joint head of Habanos S.A. & Tabacuba Habanos is the global distribution & marketing organization for Cuban cigars. These days the U.S. embargo on Cuba is starting to lessen with Travel restrictions beginning to wane. There have even been talks about dropping the embargo all together! CUBAN TOBACCO Cuban tobacco execs are now placing the focus on quality over quantity. In order to compete with a world market and combat the islands sluggish economy.

Better Product = Better Sales Worldwide
Basulto is a major player in the changes in the Cuban cigar industry. Tabacuba shares an interest in Habanos, so there is a direct connection between the production and marketing of cigars. His two organizations control everything tobacco in Cuba right down to the farms, and constitutes for about half, or all, of all domestic and export sales. Information attained via a one-on-one interview with top Cuban execs

the interview was carried out by Cigar Aficionado’s

The article was entitled:

A New Era for Cuban Cigars? "We might be back at last year's sales levels for August," Basulto says. Basulto firmly believes that the combination of his two organizations will solve the problems of a constantly changing market and meet the wider needs of a ever shrinking world. Oscar Basulto and Jaime Garcia-Andrade James Suckling If the quality of cigars in Havana's shops and factories is any indication, the new strategy is working. Basulto’s companies are closing factories and reopening new ones with the latest modern equipment.
“We are not taking a thing with us from these old buildings," says Emilio Borrall, head of quality control for the José Martí factory. "Everything is going to be new, and the workers are very pleased to be moving."
New facility! Punch Cigar:
established in 1840 and intended for the British market- where a comic book featuring a character names “Mr Punch” was in fashion.
Romeo Y Julieta Cigar: founded in 1873. This brand is credited with introducing the “Churchill” shaped cigar, in honor of the British PM. Trinidad Cigars, 1980: produced exclusively for President Fidel Castro; only boxes that have ever left Cuba have been as gifts for foreign diplomats. Sancho Panza, Cuba, 1852- named after a character in a Cervantes novel from 1605. 1535- First Botanical selection of the tobacco plant by Europeans
1557- First Spanish Crown edict banning sale and cultivation of tobacco
1558- First published work containing in-depth description of cigar smoking
1606- Second Spanish Crown edict banning sale and cultivation of tobacco
1634- Spanish crown declares first royal monopoly on tobacco sale and cultivation
1762- British take Havana in the midst of the seven years war
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