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No description

Desiree Green

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Romanticism

Romanticism Rousseau
contributed to the rise
"Man is born free, but everywhere in chains. Freedom
of thought
of feeling
of action
of taste 1800-1840 Between Neoclassism and Realism From reason to feeling Painted by Henry Fuseli. The incubus in this picture is said to be a demn which people then believed to pray on sleeping women. Then there is a horse in the background that seems ghostly with its frightening eyes. People connect this to the title which is, Nightmare. But they say the title came from two words "night" and Mare which was thought to be a spirit who tormented and suffocated sleepers. Edgar Allen Poe Painted by Eugene Delacroix. The title is Death of Sardanapalus. People
say that it is one of the most Romantic paintings of that time period.
This does not only bring admiration but also horror. King Sardanapalus
sits on his bed with no concerns at all while this empire is being destroyed by
Medes. DRAMATIC Against social order and religion •Romanticism exalted individualism, subjectivism, irrationalism, imagination, emotions and nature - emotion over reason and senses over intellect. •William Blake

•John Constable

•Eugene Delacroix

•Caspar Friedrick

•John Fruseli
Raft of Medusa by Gericault
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