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The Telegraph: An Opportunity for Social Change

The following Prezi introduces the notion of social change and how this arose as a result of the telegraph’s establishment in the mid nineteenth century.

Melissa Mackay

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of The Telegraph: An Opportunity for Social Change

The Telegraph:
An Opportunity for Social Change

The first successful telegram was sent by
Samuel Morse
This was a
moment in the history of
It also created a
in the
social dynamics
of the mid 19th Century.
The telegraph and its invention caused
"a dramatic shift in world perception"
(Mitew, 2015)
, not just for
, but for
gender relations
Sarah Bagley
- a labor activist and strong advocate for women's rights - became one of the
female telegraph operators following its success in the late 1840s.
According to
Cristen Conger
, there were
main reasons for employing women in this workforce.
"Women tend to have
smaller hands
(ladylike, we might describe them), which made them
more adept
at finagling the circuit boards."
- Conger, 2013.
Employing women in this role proved
cost-worthy. "Gender wage gap aside, for a 19th-century woman, it was
a very honest living
- Conger, 2013.
Regardless, "
telegraphic technology
not only made possible the movement of women into this
social class
, but basically opened the world of
corporate America
to women."
- Annteresa Lubrano, 1997.
Women telegraphers
constituted a subculture of
technically educated workers
whose skills, mobility, and independence
set them apart
from their contemporaries."
- Thomas C. Jepsen, 2000.
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