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Recycling Projects: Cat Scratcher

How to make a scratcher for your cat

dav sdf1

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Recycling Projects: Cat Scratcher

Recycling Materials How to Make a Cat Scratching Post Why spending time in a project like this is important? Recycling garbage contributes to preserve the environment. Let's contribute to shape a better world! It is an educational and bonding activity for your family. Get your children involved in the project and have fun together. You can find it relaxing. No more stress. It is very useful and convenient. Stop your furniture's suffering! You save money. ...You can! But mainly because... Pros

Versatile Cons

The space needs constant cleaning due to your cat tearing off the material. Materials: A black marker or your preferred color. All purpose or... Heavy duty scissors. Measure tape or ruler. Some glue. Your favorite music. Sharpie time! A large brown corrugated box or any cardboard box size available. Before buying a new one, take a look on your basement shelves first. A utility knife will be also useful. Time required:
A couple hours Step by step guide Grab a large box and cut it in parts. Separate destroyed and raggedy parts from the pieces you are going to use. Select one piece that suits your needs. Use this cardboard pad as a pattern to mark the rest. Using your marker, draw as much parts as possible. Cut the marked cardboard pad following your primary pattern. Next, cut each pad in half. Once the scratching column is finished, let it dry for a couple hours. Place the scratching post near your cat's favorite spot at home. Sit and relax while your cat enjoys its new scratcher. One 10x17 in. pad size is displayed in this image. Don't be too picky about perfection since the scratching column is going to disappear eventually. Alternatively, you can refine the edges for a smoother surface finish. Remember to use non-toxic glue to avoid poisoning your cat. Hint: if you install the scratching post on a wall, leave some space between the bottom end and the floor. This makes cleaning easier. Pour a small amount of glue on each pad and stick the pieces one by one until the column is complete. In order to build a non-glued version of this project, use a squared wood or bamboo column.

Nail the column to the center of a wood base.

Cut square shaped holes the same size of the bamboo column on all cardboard pads.

Place one pad above the other. 100% Eco-Friendly Scratching Post Thanks for watching this Prezi! ¿No hablas Inglés?
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