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Texting While Driving

No description

Library Media

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Texting While Driving

Texting While Driving My Name is David Allen and I'm going to
tell you about the habit of texing while
driving. 72 percent of all teens us their phones to text with other friends. 54 percent
text friends daily, witch is higher than
the percentage of teens who communicate with friends through cell phones (38 percent)
face to face interactions (33 percent), via land line phones (30 percent), social networking sites (25 percent) , instant messaging (24 percent) and by email (11 percent). Texting While Driving
By:David What Damage can
Texting And Driving
do? In September 2008, 25 people died and 130 people got injured in a train crash near Los Angeles.
The cause apparently was a cell phone.
In three hours of work before the crash, one of the engineers got 28 text messages and sent 29 more.
He sent his last text 22 seconds before the crash, just after passing the signal that would have alerted him to the disaster ahead. Percent of teens who text friends
and Percent Texting or E-mailing
While driving age 12- 35%
age 13- 41%
age 14- 58%
age 15- 64%
age 16- 57%
age 17- 77%
The average
for ages 12-17
54% 16-19- 51.4%
20-24- 45.1%
25-34- 38.7%
35-44- 22.1%
45-54- 13.3%
55-64- 5.6%
65-74- 1.1%
75 and up- 2.6% Average for all ages
21 Some States Text To Much 26 states are ban from texting while
driving, the states are: AL, AR, CA, Colo,
Ill, Iowa, Kan, Ky, La., Maryland, Michigan, Minn,
Nebb, NH, NJ, NY, Ore, NC, RI, Tenn,
Utah, Va, Wash, Wis, and Wyo. Last January U.S. transportation secretary Ray LaHood issued a statement saying that interstate truck drivers and interstate bus drivers are barred from texting while they are driving.
Commercial vehicle drivers caught texting will face fines as large
as $2,750. Facts Will They Admit It? In the case of an accident,
drivers often won't admit guilt,
including any underlying
behaviors that may have
cause or help cause the accident. Resources The books I used were Cell Phones and driving
By: Stefan Kiesbye and Risky Teen Behavior
By: Heidi Watkins. THANKS
WATCHING!!!!!!!! They are not
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