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The Hobbit

No description

Nathan Sanborn

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hobbit

The Hobbit
Before picking up this book I had high expectations. Tolkin's work is renowned as some of the best in the genera of fantasy. The Hobbit is one of Tolkin's writings that takes place in his critically acclaimed fantasy world Middle Earth. Any work set in a world with such rich and vivid history has a high amount of expectation to be expertly written.
Our traveling company is made of fifteen males. The protagonist of our story being Bilbo Baggins, a friendly and well mannered Hobbit who finds himself throw into a adventure full of danger and riches. Then we have Gandalf the Grey, a wise wizard who can call upon the ancient and rarely mastered art of magic to aid him and his followers. And lastly we have the dwarfs, a group who has come together to reclaim there ancestral homeland; Thorin, Gloin, Oin, Ori, Nori, Dori, Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Bifer, Bofer, and Bombur.
Or There and Back Again
The story of The Hobbit is a quest to reclaim the lost pride of the Kingdom of The Dwarfs. Build into a landform named the Lonely Mountain, Erebor was
the capital of the kingdom and served as the heart of Dwarfin prosperity at its peak. That all changed when a young dragon named Smaug assaulted the city off guard and laid waste to all who inhabited. Taking all the riches it held and turning the mountain into his new lair. The beast now conquered what was once the jewel of Dwarfin society. Now thirteen dwarfs set out with the help of a Hobbit and a wizard to reclaim their land, pride, and wealth.
Most Interesting Character
Bilbo Baggins is the character with the most complex personality in The Hobbit. In the beginning of the story Bilbo's character finds enjoyment and comfort in living a quiet life full of food, drink, and relaxation, as most Hobbits do. He completely rejects Gandolf's request to join in on the quest. Through the chapters we see Bilbo grow from being helpless and illogical to a well skilled fighter and creative problem solver. It's by the end of the book that we learn Bilbo has taken a liking to adventures, action and travel being the three newest aspects he finds agreeable.
If I wrote this book, some minor alterations would be made to make sure that any subsequent work written in the same universe would have consistency. Some minor details in Tolkin's later works, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, conflicts with his eariler work The Hobbit.
The book has been adapted as an ongoing film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. The first movie in the trilogy,The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey, has already seen at box office and home release. In my viewership Peter Jackson has done a outstanding job at transitioning the text to film. That being said, there is much content that serves as fillers to the movie that isn't in the original screenplay. This doesn't cripple the film, but fans of the book might be disappointed with the number of differences that have found there way into the final script. My preferences go with the book because I am most of the time a fan of the original source material.
I will give this book a five out of five. Tolkin is one of the best writers of the 20th century and in the genera of fantasy. He excels in describing the environment and characters in vivid detail. His list of literature is enjoyed by adults and children all around the globe.
My favorite sequence of the story is The Battle of the Five Armies. It is a large scale battle that takes place at the climax of the story. The battleground is near The Misty Mountains with the true undertaking of the battle representing a conflict between the forces of good and evil. The side of good while strong, is pitted against a force that outnumbers them even when at full numbers. Through it all, it's fast paced and full of energetic confrontation.
Favorite Scene
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Nathan Sanborn
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