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Music Staff Meeting

No description

Abigail Mellor

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Music Staff Meeting

Wider and Wider? Music Curriculum? How is singing going? Singing We need to be able to prove that progress is being made in music.The easiest way to do this is to record musical work and save this to the network (music - Staff share) How are we assessing? Timetable? Are all children now receiving their
weekly music lesson?
Any time tabling issues? Planning Is the new planning
working Are children
enjoying Music lessons? Are children getting quality singing time? Are children improving their singing? Are inequalities being tackled? How confident are we now in delivering the curriculum? Are we using our Musical voices? Modelling? Are we? How can we move on? Assessment ICT If you look at the skills files this is an area that needs to be improved. At KS1 this is largely using recording and listening back to assess own work and make improvements.
As children get into KS2 this should have a far more central role in music and children should become competent using programs such as podium, audacity, keyboards, recording own music etc. Audacity and Podium Take a look at this together?
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