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UOC.IM1.CA5 - Consumer Awareness

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on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of UOC.IM1.CA5 - Consumer Awareness

Part IV: Before 1 June
Remember that 23:59 on 1 June Barcelona time is a strict deadline - no exercises can be accepted after that time!
Reading 3
Congratulations! You have finished the last CA in Modern English 1!

If you have any outstanding work, be sure to complete it and submit it by Friday 5 June.

You're finished!
Part III: 28 May - 1 June
Written Work in the Forum
Following the instructions in the CA5 guidelines, write and post your written contribution in your classroom's Forum.
Contribution in the Forum
Part II: 22 - 27 May
Oral Work in Langblog
Following the instructions in the CA guidelines and from your teacher, record and submit an oral contribution in Langblog.
Langblog Contribution
Part I: 19 - 22 May
Materials and
Begin Reading 3
As always, begin by working through the self-study materials corresponding to CA5 Consumer Awareness.

Help yourself by taking notes on useful vocabulary and grammar.
Study the Materials
Remember to click on SUBMIT when you finish!

Don't wait until the last minute in case you encounter technical problems!
Read your classmates' contributions in the Forum and respond to at least two of them.
Comments in the Forum
Following the instructions in the CA guidelines, respond to at least two of your classmates' Langblog contributions.
Comments in Langblog
In CA5, the Reading Exercise counts for 20% of your CA5 mark.

The Reading Exercise is due on 1 June at 23:59 Barcelona time - NO exceptions. The earlier you begin them, the better!

Remember to click on SUBMIT when you finish!
Begin Reading 3
CA5 - Consumer Awareness
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