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Their Eyes Were Watching God

No description

Shelby McCoy

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God

By: Zora Neale Hurston

Shelby M.
Min Ji K. Kerry Washington as Janie Mae Crawford Don Cheadle as Tea Cake Irma P. Hall as Nanny Crawford Denzel Washington as Jody Starks Samuel Jackson as Logan Killicks Naomie Harris as Phoebe Watson Phylicia Rashad as Mrs. Turner Kerry Washington Denzel Washington Don Cheadle Naomi Harris Samuel Jackson Their Eyes
God Setting manTea Cake is Janie's third husband. Janie was truly in love with Tea Cake, and he was the one who loved her the most and gave her the most affection.
However, Tea Cake is not the perfect husband. After they married, he took the money that Janie had saved and left her all alone until he spent all the money. He also beat Janie when he felt jealous after Mrs. Turner's brother visited Janie.
There was much scandal in the town of Eatonville when Janie went away with Tea Cake.
While Janie is fair skinned and is the wealthiest woman in town, Tea Cake is younger, dark skinned, and poor.
The relationship between Janie and Tea Cake ended in a tragedy with Tea Cake's death.

From playing a munitions expert in "Ocean's Eleven" to playing a hero in "Hotel Rwanda" (for which he was nominated an Oscar), acclaimed actor Don Cheadle has a wide range of experiences in acting.
Don Cheadle fits the physical description of Tea Cake. Tea Cake is described as a dark skinned man with a charming smile.
Although Don Cheadle is older than Kerry Washington, Cheadle has the talent to play the crucial role of Tea Cake. Time Period 1920's and 1930's Characters The Everglades Janie Mae Crawford is the main protagonist of the novel. She is a dynamic character as she matures after each relationship. In the beginning, she was a radiant young girl wanting to see the outside world, and in the ending, she is a tired woman just wanting to be back home.
Janie was beaten by Jody and Tea Cake, but Janie continued to stand by them. However, she shows her strong-willed personality by not following the typical traits of a woman. She wears overalls and she becomes a skilled shooter in hunting wild game.

Beautiful actress Kerry Washington has performed in Indie films and on stage before appearing in Hollywood movies. She has the graceful, attractive features of Janie, and she is fair skinned like Janie. Nanny Crawford is Janie's grandmother. As a young woman, Nanny was a slave. She was raped and impregnated by her master, and she escapes when her master's wife threatened to whip Nanny upon realizing that the baby's father is the master. After she escaped with the baby (Janie's mother), Nanny is determined to lead a successful life for her daughter.
Her dreams are destroyed when the schoolteacher rapes Janie's mother. After giving birth to Janie, Janie's mother begins to drink heavily and runs away.
This led Nanny to be overprotective of Janie since Nanny did not want another dream to be destroyed. She arranges the marriage between Janie and Logan Killicks praying that Janie will have a wealthy life.

Hall has played the matriarchal figure in many movies such as the movie "Soulfood," and she also appeared in the hit television series, "Dallas."Hall looks like a caring grandmother and has a lot of experience in acting to play the emotional role of Nanny. Jody Starks is the second husband of Janie.
Janie runs off with Jody wanting to see the outside world, and Jody marries Janie wanting a beautiful young wife to show off to others.
Jody travels to Eatonville with Janie and soon becomes the mayor and the richest man in town as he updates the town with electricity, a post office, and more buildings and houses. It is obvious that Jody has a hunger for power and wealth.
While Janie wants to have a deep relationship with Jody, Jody treats her like an object. He doesn't let her speak for herself and controls her as he forces her to wear a rag to cover her hair.
Jody beat Janie many times to show his authority over her and in jealousy as he grows old while she is still young. Their marriage ends with Jody's death.

Washington has won two Academy Awards and has played the lead role in many films. He has the talent, and Washington looks like Jody with his tall stature and handsome features. Logan Killicks is Janie's first husband.
Nanny arranged to have Janie marry him wanting Janie to be a wealthy woman. She did not consider the fact that Janie was not in love with Logan.
Logan Killicks is described by Janie to be "some ole skullhead in de graveyard" (13). He is much older than Janie, and he marries Janie wanting a young wife to take care of him and to help him with the farm.
Their marriage was doomed in the beginning with young Janie wanting a taste of romance and adventure and with Logan wanting an ordinary life on the farm.

Jackson has appeared in many popular films such as the Star Wars prequel trilogy, "Die Hard with a Vengence," and "Snakes on a Plane." Jackson also has many experience and talents in acting, and he is of the appropriate age to play Logan. Phoebe is Janie's best friend and she is the only character in the novel who is willing to listen to her.
She met Janie in Eatonville and is the only one to come up to her when Janie returns to Eatonville.
While the other women gossip about Janie, Phoebe welcomes Janie back to Eatonville and does not gossip about Janie. She wants to hear the truth from Janie herself.
She cares about Janie and listens to her as Janie tells the story of her past and of her relationship with Tea Cake.

Naomie Harris has appeared in flims and television series with the role of Tia Dalma in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films as her most popular role.
Harris looks like Phoebe Watson with her calm expression and delicate frame. She looks like she can be the trustworthy friend that will always be there for you. Janie Mrs. Turner in the Everglades, and Ms. Turner is an old lady who scorns at the other "common" black people as she praises the Caucasian features of her and of Janie.
She doesn't understand why the fair skinned Janie marries Tea Cake who is dark skinned. Tea Cake is disgusted by Mrs. Turner and is angered when her brother comes to visit Janie.
Mrs. Turner owns a restaurant in the Everglades with her husband, but Tea Cake and his friends succeed in making her leave after causing chaos in her restaurant.

Phylicia Rashad has appeared in "The Cosby Show" and is a Tony award winning actress. She is also fair skinned and she has the talent to play the pompous Mrs. Turner. Symbols Janie often sits under the blossoming pear tree in Nanny's backyard and wonders how the bare branches in the winter and produce the tiny white bloom in the spring.
The blossoming pear tree symbolizes Janie and her growth as she grows from a young girl with many hopes and dreams to a woman who has experienced the pains of love and life.
Janie blossoms like the pear tree as she grows wiser and more mature. She is no longer the innocent girl. A transition of the pear tree from the winter and the spring will be shown in the beginning of the movie with a close-up of a blossom before showing Janie under the tree. Jody forces Janie to wear a rag to cover her hair after seeing Amos Hicks, one of the men in Eatonville, almost touches her hair in admiration.
At first Janie refuses to wear it, but she succumbs to Jody's order and wears it while she works in the grocery.
The rag over hair symbolizes the power Jody has over Janie and symbolizes the beginning of the gradual disappearance of her beauty and of her innocence. It also marks the ending of the passionate relationship between Janie and Jody. All the other women look at her in shock when Janie is wearing overalls and all the women and men ridicule her when she returns to Eatonville wearing overalls.
The overalls symbolize her strong-willed personality and her desire to break from the traditional role of a woman. Although she did not stand up for herself when she was beaten by her husbands, she was strong after the deaths of Jody and Tea Cake. The novel took place in rural Florida in different
areas. It starts off in a small town where Janie
grows up at and marries Logan, but quickly switches
over to one of the major settings,Eatonville. Janie's
second husband, Jodie, becomes the mayor of
Eatonville and runs the town. When Jodie dies and
Janie finds a new lover, Teacake, the story shifts over
to Jacksonville very briefly. The two get married here,
and move to the Everglades for Teacake to find work.
Janie and Teacake live a satisfied and content life in
the Everglades until a hurricane hits, forcing them out
of the area. Teacake dies from a rabid dog shortly
afterwards, and Janie ends up back in Eatonville where
the novel ends. Story Arc The story starts off with Janie returning
to Eatonville after running off with Teacake. She is in the center of the town's gossip with her return, but she tells her story to one of her closest friends, Phoebe. Themes Power of Nature
Nature plays an important role in "Their Eyes Were Watching God."
Janie looks up to and is inspired to pursue her dreams by the blossoming pear tree.
A hurricane hurts the relationship between Janie and Tea Cake since he was injured by the rabid dog during the hurricane.
Nature is shown as the powerful figure as she sets the plot of Janie's life. Love
Ever since Janie was a young girl of seventeen, she has been looking for a passionate love. That is why she ran off with Jody after marrying Logan and that is also why she married Tea Cake after Jody's death.
Love can be a complicated situation, and it is seen Janie's relationships. She does not run away or go against Joday and Tea Cake when they beat her. Janie's desire to have a man who she can depend on and love prevents her from running away. She doesn't want to be alone. The Strong Will of a Woman
Janie still has a strong will that has led her through the complicated relationships and after the deaths of Jody and Tea Cake.
She wears overalls in defiance of the stereotypical role of a woman in the setting of the novel.
Her strong will has led her to go back to Eatonville and to ignore the mocking women and men after the death of Tea Cake.
In the end, she remains alone, but her strong will and personality will continue to carry her far. Tones Serene
The countryside of the setting is calm, and scenes of the countryside will be shown throughout the movie.
There will be many scenes where Janie is walking along a road such as the country road shown in the picture. The roads will symbolize Janie's future, and she is on many roads as she goes through many experiences of love in life. Solemn
The movie ends with Janie left all alone without anyone to depend on, and the deaths of Nanny, Jody, and Tea Cake and the scenes showing the aftermath of the Hurricance will be solemn and melancholy.
In the ending of the movie, a scene of Tea Cake rejoining Janie will be shown. It will be as if they met in heaven or in one of Janie's dreams.
The movie will end with an image of them holding hands such as the one on the left. Janie's story to Phoebe begins with Janie as a
sixteen-year-old girl. Nanny sets her up with an
arranged marriage with a farmer named Logan, who
is mainly just using Janie as an extra worker around the field. Janie feels trapped in this kind of life with no freedom. When she meets Jodie Sparks, a confident and much more affectionate man, she leaves Logan and goes with Jodie to Eatonville. In Eatonville, Jodie Sparks becomes a
very influential figure in the small rural town.
His position as mayor makes him very
successful, but Janie gets bored with this
life as the mayor's wife. Her monotonous
life working at the shop and Jodie's
disrespectful behavior towards Janie
causes them to get into a huge arguement.
Soon afterwards, Jodie becomes ill and dies. Janie finally feels free for the first time in years, and she ends up meeting a youger man named Teacake. An affecionate, passionate man, Teacake becomes Janie's first true love, and they get married in Jacksonville. Many of Janie's friends in Eatonville don't trust Teacake, and many
start to think lowly of Janie since she
married Teacake so quickly after Jodie's death. Janie and Teacake move to the Everglades for
Teacake to find work. They live a comfortable life
there, and their house becomes a place for people
to hang out at after work at night. A hurricane then
comes to the Everglades, forcing Teacake and Janie
to leave. Teacake, however, gets bit by a rabid dog
during the storm. Teacake becomes crazy from the
rabies and almost shoots Janie with a pistol. At that
point, Janie had no choice but to shoot him. After the incident, Janie is put on trial. She is found innocent, and a funeral is put together
for Teacake. With nothing to return to in the Everglades, she goes back to Eatonville. Her
story to Phoebe is then finished, and she expresses to her how she has finally lived the dream and knows what true love is. Taglines "She was a rut in the road. Plenty of life beneatht the surface but it was kept beaten down by the wheels." (72)
Janie struggled her whole life, striving for
independence as well as finding true love.
Whether it was taking a beating from a
husband or battling the gossip from the
women of the town, Janie was a fighter
through the whole novel. The movie will take place in Florida. It will take place in the actual scenes of the novel including the Everglades and the town of Eatonville. "The wind came back with a triple fury...but their eyes were watching God." (Chapter 18)
This quote summarizes the internal conflict
Janie and Teacake were going through
during the hurricane. It shows how
everyone was united in the same battle
against nature and their courage helped
them to survive this hostile force. "Now, women forget all those things they don't want to remember, and remember everything they don't want to forget." (Chapter 1) Since this quote is towards the very beginning of the novel, it gets the point across how feminism is a strong point of
view in the story. "She saw a dust-bearing bee sink into the sanctum of a bloom...So this was a marriage!" (Chapter 2)
Spoken by sixteen-year-old Janie while sitting under a tree, this quote marks a spiritual and sexual awakening in Janie. From this point forth, Janie has an interest in boys and hopes to find true love. "Love is lak de sea. It's uh movin' thing, but still
and all, it takes its shape from de shore it meets,
and it's different with every shore." (Page 182) Towards the end of the book, Janie reflects on love
from her experiences with it. She develops an opinion
that love is never always the same everywhere, and that
it changes with different people. “Two things everybody’s got tuh do fuh theyselves. They got tuh go tuh God, and they got tuh find out about livin’ fuh theyselves.” (192) This quote spoken by Janie offers wise words about life.
Having gone through three marriages as well as emotional struggles, Janie suggests that people should rely on God
and also themselves if they want to have a good life. "Janie looked down on him and felt a self-crushing love. So her soul crawled out from its hiding place" (122). From the moment Janie saw Teacake, she knew that
there was something special about him. After years of
longing for true love, she finally found Teacake, who
would provide much more affection and care towards her
than Logan and Jodie.
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