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FCCLA Nutrition and Wellness

No description

Aaliyah Gonzalez

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of FCCLA Nutrition and Wellness

Aaliyah Gonzalez
Central Valley FCCLA
Central Valley High School
Spokane Valley, WA
Region 10
STAR Events
Nutrition and Wellness Table of Contents 1. Subject Profile
2. Nutrition and Wellness Research
3. Nutrition and Wellness Tracking and Concerns
4.Nutrition and Wellness
5. Nutrition Plan
6. Wellness Plan
7. Implementation & Reflection 3 Nutrition Issues Nutrition And Wellness Tracking Subject Profile Goals Aaliyah Gonzalez

15 years old
Moderately Active Wellness Plan Concerns Not eating enough vegetables
Need to drink more water
Be more active Subject Profile Nutrition and Wellness Research Nutrition and Wellness Tracking 3 Wellness Issues Planning Process Who: My project will be based on myself.
What; I will track my nutrition and wellness to formulate goals to better improve my nutrition and wellness.
Where: As I go about my regular routine, i will track my food intake and physical activity.
When;From November 23,2012 through November30, 2012.
Why: After tracking, I can develop goals to improve my food intake and wellness.
How; For 7 days, I will track my food intake and physical activity on to supertracker.com. Nutrition and Wellness Eat at least 2 cups of vegetables daily
Participate in at least 60 min of physical activity
Eat at least 2 1/2 cups of fruits daily Nutrition Plan Wellness Plan Implementation & Reflection Drinking more water Yoga Walking instead of TV Nutrition Plan
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