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Frida Kahlo

No description

Kristel Talento

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Kristel Talento Symbolism and Frida Kahlo Importance of symbols to Frida Kahlo Three artworks by
Frida Kahlo Self Portrait as a
Tehuana Self Portrait 1. Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace
and Hummingbird Symbols in our everyday lives are used to represent many things. Symbolism is used to communicate some sort of a meaning/message and can represent emotions, brands, likes, personalities and even a person's life. Frida Khalo has demonstrated visually, using symbols to create an artwork portraying events that have happened in her life. Symbolism plays a huge role in all of Kahlo’s work, and without her use of symbols many of her works would be absent of emotions and any deeper meaning. Frida Kahlo used peculiar symbols to represent different things that happened in her life. All her paintings show a connection and portray events both good and bad that have happened to her. Frida didn't have a very smooth relationship with her partner, Diego Rivera, she had several miscarriages and was not able to have children. Not only did she paint about this but she also had an accident causing her to have many injuries. Going through these many situations was hard on Frida Kahlo so to help express her feelings, art wise, she used symbolism to visually show what she had been going through in life. Frida Kahlo has created many artworks involving symbolism, the three artworks I have chosen are:

1. Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

2. Self Portrait as a Tehuana/ Diego in my Thoughts.

3. Self portrait (Autorretrato) This painting surely shows how much pain she has been going through in life. Around her neck is a thorn necklace which represents that she is a christian and shows her belief. The thorns injecting into her neck are symbolic of the pain she feels from her divorce from Diego. Hanging from that necklace, you can see a dead hummingbird which in Mexican Folk tradition, is a charm meaning 'luck in love'. The monkey on her left can represent her happiness and is her pet that was a gift from Diego. On the other hand the cat on her left represents bad luck and death which basically represents how much pain she has been going through. The butterflies symbolize a new opening or something like a new life. 'Self portrait as a Tehuana', also known as 'Diego on my mind' is basically expressing Frida's love for Diego. The portrait of Diego just above her eyebrow expresses her obsessive love for him and it shows how she is constantly thinking about him and being on her mind. In the portrait it shows her wearing a traditional Tehuana dress that Diego had admired so she painted it on her to attract him. The leaves surrounded by a web helps to show that she wants to trap her prey which is Diego. Self Portrait was the only portrait that was created by Frida in 1942. This is the second appearance of Frida wearing a traditional Tehuana dress that Diego admired. In this painting it shows only her face. The Tehuana dress is covering her body and the background giving a sense that she is trapped. She is clearly over dressed and her face looks a bit hardened and she looks a bit more masculine than feminine in this portrait. On her face there are three tear drops which indicates that she is clearly sad and depressed about what has been going on in her life. 1. 2. 3. Bibliography http://www.flickr.com/photos/28433765@N07/4308194475/ http://thisisshangrila.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/something-for-the-weekend-frida-kahlo-diego-rivera-at-imma/ School Art book, page on Frida Kahlo's life I don't feel I have gotten any better, since the pains are always the same and I am very thin. But in spite of this, I want to have faith, as I told you in the other letter. If there is money this month, they will take another x-ray and I will be more certain; if not, I am going to get up out of bed on September 9th or 10th no matter what, and then I will know whether this apparatus will help me recover or if the operation will finally be necessary (I'm afraid).
-Frida Kahlo A quote from Frida Kahlo when she was going through pain and suffering. Kristel TAlento 7White http://radiology.rsna.org/content/247/2/303.full http://www.fridakahlo.it/fridaself2.html
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