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Listen To Your Lakes

Why in My Lakes? Campaign 2010

Kim Jarosz

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Listen To Your Lakes

Listen To Your Lakes Why in My Lakes? 2011 Campaign Blue, Ink. Alise Jackie Michael Rachel Kim Danielle Shannon Research Target Audience Consumer Profile Meet the Wright family! Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats What does Listen to Your Lakes need?

To refresh brand identity and presence in the Milwaukee market
To share messages through social media
To cultivate local partnerships Objective One

Listen to Your Lakes is an organization that actively advocates on behalf of the Great Lakes. We seek to educate the community about issues concerning invasive species, habitats, water quality and water quantity by providing resources and inspiring people to preserve our planet’s largest freshwater resource. Launch Event Mission Statement John Malen
WTMJ-4, NBC Vince Condella
WITI-6, FOX Mark McGinnis
WDJT-58, CBS Mark Baden
WISN-12, ABC Establish identity, trust and recognition of the Listen to Your Lakes
brand among 10 percent of the target market by December 2011. Social Media Objective Two Build a presence within online outlets independent of Shedd Aquarium and achieve a 3 percent rollover increase in social media impressions each month. Objective Three
Partner with local organizations to expand the Listen to Your Lakes brand in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and engage in nine Milwaukee events and programs by December 2011. Thank You! Great Lakes Kids Club Budget Evaluation Events Questions?
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