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TEA BAGS: Thomas Sullivan- tea bag buisiness man

A brief biography of Thomas Sullivan who introduced tea bags to America commercially in 1904.

Mike Cigar

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of TEA BAGS: Thomas Sullivan- tea bag buisiness man

Thomas Sullivan: TEA BAG BUSINESS MAN (patent for a tea leaf holder) The most popular beverage in the world, tea was first drunk by the Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung around 2737 B.C. An unknown Chinese inventor invented the tea shredder, a small device that shredded tea leaves in preparation for drinking. The tea shredder used a sharp wheel in the center of a ceramic or wooden pot that would slice the leaves into thin strips. The first tea bags were made from hand-sewn silk muslin bags dating as early as 1903. First appearing commercially around 1904, tea bags were successfully marketed by tea and coffee shop merchant Thomas Sullivan of New York, who shipped his tea bags around the world. A machine was soon invented to replace the hand sewing of tea bags. A TEA BAG is a small, sealed bag containing tea leaves for brewing tea. TEA BAGS are commonly made of porous paper, silk or plastic. The bag contains the tea leaves while the tea is brewed, making it easier to dispose of the leaves, and performing the same function as a tea infuser. Some tea bags have an attached piece of string with a paper label to the top that assists in removing the bag while also identifying the variety of tea. To use a TEA BAG, you simply put the TEA BAG in a small mug of hot water, wait, then drink. TEA BAGS are used
to cure puffy eyes.
TEA BAGS are also
used to get rid of
the dark circles
around someone's
eyes. The ancient Chinese loved to drink tea. Drinking tea became very popular during the Tang Dynasty. At first, tea leaves had to be chopped or shredded by hand which was very time-consuming. A Chinese inventor created the tea shredder. The tea shredder had a wheel in the center which would slice the tea leaves into thin strips. This would make the job easier and less time-consuming. Is that all
are used for? OF COURSE NOT! Thanks to Thomas Sullivan,
TEA BAGS became popular.
Thanks to his business efforts,
TEA BAGS went world-wide
commercially. Resources:
Chinese Green
Chinese Tea
Lots of TEA
TEA BAG Diagram-
Regular TEA
TEA BAGS on eyes-beautyand
Brown TEA
Info on Thomas
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