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Miles Halter "Pudge"

No description

Maria Lopez

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Miles Halter "Pudge"

Looking for Alaska
Miles Halter "Pudge"
Doesn't want to play safe anymore.
Mile's Qualities
1.) kind
Miles decides to go seek a Great Perhaps
"I go seek the great perhaps"
This was Miles inspiration to stop living the safe life and go seek the Great Perhaps. His next stop Culver Creek and this is where the whole story begins.
Alaska escapes the labyrinth
"I know so many last words.But I will never knows hers."
Alaska Young has now escaped the labyrinth. I hope you forgive me for not being the friend you needed. I came to Culver Creek searching for the "Great Perhaps" and I found my self trapped in your labyrinth. Now you leave me wondering How Will I Ever Get Out OF This Labyrinth?
Miles Halter "Pudge"
Pudge meets Alaska and become friends
"If people were rain I was drizzle and she was a hurricane."
Miles loved Alaska since the moment he met her,but he never had the courage to tell her so they remained friends.Their friendship allowed him to be close to her and the trust between them grew bigger each time they were together. Since they had trust Alaska told him about her mom and the labyrinth that keaped the story going.
Throughout the book Miles is known for memorizing people's last words ,but when Alaska dies he doesn't want to believe that she is gone and that no one will never know her last word .But most important HE will never know if he was part of her last words. This leaves us with mixed feelings of what is going on, wondering what is going to happen to mile's life now Alaska is gone
Moment I will remember
When Alaska dies miles goes up to her casket and whispers "I Love You" Here is when he expresses his feeling towards her and the he acts when this happens seems a little selfish, all he wanted to know if he was in her last words and no one else, but at the same time sweet.
1.) smart
The only way out of this labyrinth of suffering ...
is to Forgive.
-John Green
2.)loyal to friends
2.)not good at being social(making many friends)
-John Green
By:Maria Lopez
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