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George Grover

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Longboarding

Long-Boarding Longboarding originated in Oahu, Hawaii. Surfers used longboarding as cross training, When the waves were dull, they would go for a cruise.

They would immitate the moves of surfing a wave by skimming their hands across the ground, and carving. There are many diffrent types of long boarding including;

2.Downhill/speed boarding
4.Slalom Downhill Longboarding;

Downhill Longboarding is a high-speed adrenaline sport where competitors race downhill on a skateboard at speeds in excess of 85 miles per hour.

The sport, which originated in Vancouver, Canada, requires racers to burst down the steepest of tracks, turning corners and avoiding collisions in order to be first past the finish line. Free-ride/Sliding

The practice of sliding was first used to slow down while speed boarding.but then the style mutated to form another main long-boarding style. When sliding you basically drift across the ground which makes for a very entertaining sport.

Free-ride/Sliding is the most popular amateur long-boarding style. Carving in Hawaiian Streets The Vancouver downhill long-boarding festival 2011. Sliding Slalom:
Slalom long-boarding is the act of racing while dodging obstacles . Salmon racing is mainly held in abandoned causeways.

When slalom racing you will ride a cruzier or an urban longboard.

A major slalom race would be "ditch slap" the event is held in Mexico City and runs for three days. Ditch slap Carving/Curzing

Carving cruising is the founding style of long boarding that all other styles grew from. This unique style was first founded by surfers in Hawaii in the sixty's .

When the surf was down they would cruise and carve the streets like you would on a wave. Carving in Canadian mountains. References;
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