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The Field scene 7

No description

Mateusz Doman

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of The Field scene 7

"The Field"
by Mateusz Doman, Jonathan Carey, Daniel Foley
Scene #7
This scene begins when Bull MCCabe enters Mick Flanagan's Pub and is met by silence. Almost immediately, Bull explains that it is his intention to give William Dee (the Yank)
"a bit of a beating"
to frighten him. Bull tells Tadhg that this is his test to see can he protect the field and his property.

As they chat we learn that Bull has not spoken to or slept with his wife in 18 years. He explains this is due to his killing of the tinker's pony.When Bull tells William to leave Carraigthomond he only replies with
"I hope you've realized you're breaking the law"
. Then Bull tells tadhg to fight the Yank. After a series of hard blows given by the Yank the bull intervenes and tries to drown them both.

Bulls and tadhg's relationship has worsened since the beginning of the play/movie. It is shown when tadhg is fighting, he turns his head after every blow and looks for his fathers approval. Clearly, tadhg has failed Bull as Bull tries to drown them both. Bull uses the words
"You couldn't protect the land"
. This shows Bulls obsession of the land over Tadhg and his emotions.
Bull & Tadhg
This is a very special character as the
book portrays him as a loyal follower of
his father whereas the movie portrays him
as a free man choosing to leave the land and marry a woman.

In the movie the Yank shows a basic level of self defense and fighting skill. He gives a series of hard hits to tadhg. William is a very naive character as he replies with
"I hope you realize you're breaking the law"
when bull said
"Go home"
. William is determined to get the field but not to Bulls degree, as he would not kill to get it.

How the Movie Supplements the text
In the play, Bull is very much an ambiguous character. For much of the play, Bull is a very brutal, corrupt and intimidating man.
The movie supplements our understanding of the play and it also emphasizes the relationships between certain characters like between bull and tadhg.
Main contrasts

The play showed two men emerged from the darkness and bet up the yank whereas the movie showed Bull and tadhg just simply walking towards the yank.
Also an other interesting contrast was the difference in which the yank fought. In the movie he was showing a basic level of self defence whereas in the play he was described as a naive person with no ability to fight. On the other hand tadhg in the play showed a massive amount of anger and fighting skill. The movie potrayed him as a weak opponent.
The bull shows a
"genuine affection"
for the ones he cares for but is ruthless and brutal to others
Another addition to the text is when the bull intervenes and shows his physical strength which is his key attribute
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