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Types of health

No description

Rachel Sturm

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Types of health

Types of Health
Define Health
The quality of life that includes physical, mental-emotional and family-social
Physical Heath
the condition of a person's body
The Wellness Scale
depicts the ranges in the quality of life
Terms, Terms and more terms ...
information that is needed to become health literate, maintain and improve health, prevent disease and reduce health-related risk behaviors
another term for health is WELLNESS
Mental & Emotional Health
the condition of a person's mind and the ways that a person expresses feelings
Family & Social Health
the condition of a person's relationships with others
9 factors
that influence health and wellness
1 - level of health knowledge a person has
2 - behaviors a person chooses
3 - situations in which a person participates
4 - relationships in which a person engages
5 - decisions a person makes
6 - resistance skills a person has
7 - protective factors a person posses
8 - degree to which a person is resilient
9 - degree of health literacy a person has
health knowledge
Healthful Behaviors
actions that promote health; prevent illness, injury, and premature death; and improve the quality of the environment
Risk behaviors
voluntary actions that threaten health, increase the likelihood of illness and premature death, and destroy the quality of the environment
Healthful situations
circumstances that promote health; prevent illness, injury and premature death; and improve the quality of the environment
Risk situations
involuntary circumstances that threaten health; increase the likelihood of illness, injury and premature death
Healthful relationships
relationships that promote self-esteem and productivity, encourage health enhancing behavior and are free of violence and drug misuse/abuse
Destructive relationships
relationships that destroy self-esteem, interfere with productivity and health, and may include violence and drug misuse/abuse
Responsible decision
decision that is healthful, safe, legal, respectful to self & others; demonstrates character
Resistance skills
skills that are used when a person wants to say NO to an action and/or leave a situation
Protective factors
ways that a person might behave and characteristics of the environment in which a person lives that promote health, safety, and/or well being
the ability to prevent or to recover, bouce back and learn from misfortune, change or pressure
Health Literacy
Competence in critical thinking and problem solving, responsible and productive citizenship, self-directed learning and effective communication
People achieve a higher level of wellness on the Wellness Scale when they practice
for health
actions that promote health literacy, maintain and improve health, prevent disease, and reduce health-related risk behaviors
Self Discipline
the effort of energy with which a person follows through on intentions or promises
People who are self-disciplined recognize that
are achieved with effort
something desirable toward which a person works
What is a goal or life skill that you want to achieve or practice?
Achieving our Goals
Being self-disciplined often requires taking small steps toward a goal

A person must identify a life skill (set a goal) and then make a plan that involves setting small steps toward the mastery of the life skill.
Health Behavior Contract
Life Skill

Effect On My Health

My Plan

How My Plan Worked
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