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George Washington Carver

Prezi about George Washington Carver

Amitha Karuppiah

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of George Washington Carver

Quick facts
Important Dates and Events
Early Life
Fun Extra Facts
He received 3 patents between 1925 and 1927
George Washington Carver was born on July 12,1864 in Diamond Grove, Missouri. He was too sick to work in the fields,so he tended plants.
Awesome Quotes
Throughout his young childhood, he suffered a weakening disease called whooping cough. He could not work in fields due to this.
In 1890, George Washington Carver studied art and music in Simpson College, Iowa.
At age 11, he started an education at Neosho, Missouri. After a few years in 1884, he attended and finished high school in Minneapolis, Kansas. Following his graduation, he made a few wanderings and enrolled in Simpson College in Iowa and got accepted. Later on, he attended Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. Soon after, he directed the experiment station at Tuskegee.
Awards and Achievements
Carver sets out at the age of 12 to find education. He wanders the country until he settles down at schools. He homesteaded a little and at age 18, he finds Simpson College.
Everyone recognizes him as an idol. They start naming , building, and issuing things in his honor. He becomes elderly.
He enrolls in various colleges. His colleges are: Simpson College and Iowa State College. He was dedicated to his talents (art & science) during this time.
George Washington Carver finally dies at age 77. Even though he's dead, he is still respected and honored.

George Washington Carver is born to Mary and Giles Carver. He begins his life as a slave on his owners' (Susan and Moses Carver) plantation. The plantation is in Diamond Grove, Missouri.
He worked at Tuskegee for a little while. He went on to win many degrees in science.
I'm awesome!!!(That is a fact, truly)
How Carver's Remembered
George Washington Carver was awarded many awards in his field of science. His awards were plentiful:the Spingarn Medal for Colored People, Membership in the American Inventors Society, the Roosevelt Medal, the Humanitarian Award,the Man of the Year Award, and the Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts from Great Britain. These awards indicate that he was a successful person in life.
He also achieved many things while he was alive. His achievements were:a Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, a Bachelor of Agriculture Degree, Master of Agriculture Degree, Honorary Degree, Award of Merit, and he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
George Washington Carver was awarded the Roosevelt Medal (In honor of Theodore Roosevelt) for his contribution to science.
George Washington Carver was a brilliant man with a religious and curious spirit. This is my opinion since that when he was a child, he always knew more than his teacher and went to church at an early age. Also, I think his personal twine of love with plants and science will be never-ending, because he was dedicated to researching them throughout his life. Furthermore, his words will be eternal. Overall, my thoughts lead to one vital thing: he was the closest to being a perfect person when it came to living as an environmental educator. He always taught his students in a way that grabbed their attention, like he snatched up mine. To sum it up, I will state that George Washington Carver was a splendid man that overcame his hurdles without ever giving up and he was awesome in mostly every which way.
Why is he Famous?
Mr.Carver was very well-known. Now, I'm going to tell why he's famous. Carver was recognized for his attractive personality. When he was a child, he had a special knack with plants and was called the Plant Doctor. Many years later, when he was an adult, he started painting. But, that wasn't the reason so many people had heard of him. He was experimenting with crops. All over the country he traveled with speeches for farmers. He educated numerous people about botany and horticulture (the study of gardening). Also, he discovered over 300 uses for peanuts, soybeans, natural clay, and etc. To this modern and present day, he is widely recognized for his contributions to the area of science.
Reaching Adulthood
Carver's family
Moses and Susan Carver ( Slave owners and foster parents to Carver)
Mary Carver (Mother to Carver; was kidnapped and never seen again)
Giles Carver (Father to Carver; passed away when Carver was born)
Jim Carver ( Brother to Carver; passed away at age 24 from smallpox)
Education and Preparation
Carver had an average education, but that didn't stop him from exceeding his standards. Moses and Susan Carver prepared him for school, and some African American couples and friends prepared him to experience the real world. His education was: a private tutor, a school for African Americans in Neosho, Missouri, a high school in Minneapolis, Kansas, Iowa State College, Simpson College, and Tuskegee. Even with only a moderate schooling, he became a genius.
Iowa State College
George Washington Carver lived on in different ways like statues, buildings in his name, memorials or monuments built in his honor,and postage stamps.Important and famous ones are: (Statue); Carver as a Young Boy, (Monument); Carver's Home, (Postage); USA stamp, (Named Buildings); Iowa State and Tuskegee University science buildings, and MUCH MORE. Carver deserved to have so many honors. We couldn't have had a large quantity of new inventions without him.
Nobody including himself knows when Carver was born, but it was likely in the spring of 1865.
I am awesome!!! (That's a fact, truly)
I'm awesome!!! (That's a fact,truly)
Mostly, Mr.Carver always had a greater amount of knowledge compared to his teacher.
Myths stretched the truth about some of his inventions.
Carver was a dedicated religious man. This inspired him to create many virtues and quotes. Following this brief introduction, there are a few below.
Be clean both inside and out.
Neither look up to the rich or down to the poor.
Lose, if need be, without squealing.
Win without bragging.
Always be considerate of women, children, and older people.
Be too brave to lie.
Be too generous to cheat.
Take your share of the world and let others take theirs.
- George Washington Carver
"I have been preparing my life for these many years, feeling as I do that this line of education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom to our people."
"I don't want my discoveries to benefit specific persons. I think they should be available to all peoples."
"All I do is prepare what god has made, for uses to which man can put it. It is God's work - not mine."
"I want to feel that my life has been of some service to my fellow man."
- George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver:Scientist and
Educator (book) by Dennis Abrams
Encyclopedia Britannica (Online)
Motivations and Influences
One component in Carver's life that was very important was his influences. These motivations helped him to become successful in life. Some of his motivations and influences were: Moses & Susan Carver, who taught him how to read, write, and motivated him to overcome his challenges; Jim (Carver's brother), who was an acquaintance for him; Andrew and Mariah Watkins, who shaped his religious path and persuaded him to study thoroughly as well as hard. Also, Dr. and Mrs. John Milholland convinced him to go to a better college, the Seymours; who encouraged him, and finally, Booker T. Washington, who motivated him to bring out his talents.
George Washington Carver
I'm awesome!!! (That's a fact)
I'm awesome!!! (That's a fact)
Mr. Carver was buried next to Booker T. Washington, since Booker was the person that encouraged him to be and teach at Tuskegee.
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