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Capture of Stony Point


Yasmine Habbo

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Capture of Stony Point

By: Yasmine & Catherine Capture of Stony Point The battle of Stony Point during American Revolutionary War,July 16, 1779 in a well planned and executed nighttime attack. When the battle happened? Where the battle happened? It happened at Stony Point, New York! Who won the battle stony point? The British won the battle of Stony Point and Verplancjk point in 20 minutes. What happened during the battle? No man dared speak as the American soldiers crept grimly toward the enemy's, twenty solders were sent by the colonists to rage against the red coats. There head quaters , sleeping quaters and mini hospitals were houses , farmhouses, and other small buildings. Fun Facts!!!!!!!!!! * The American victory at Stony Point was the last major battle in the north.
* Powder flashes lit the night as musketry rattled tentatively. Thanks for watching! CREDITS TYPING:




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