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The Chrysalids

No description

mak mak

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of The Chrysalids

The Chrysalids
Five Important Plot Ideas
After aunt Harriet's death, she was mentioned once in David's family prayers. David was really frightened and had nightmares about aunt Harriet lying in the water with her baby.
For several nights, David prayed to lose his telepathic abilities so he would be accepted in his community.
David confided his fears to uncle Axel. In return, uncle Axel comforts him by assuring him that no one will ever know about his abilty and by telling him that God does not want mutants to be killed.
Uncle Axel tells David that Walter's death (8th telepath) was an accident. He died from a falling tree.
David thinks about and learns the names of the 7 other telepaths; Michael, Sally, Katherine, Mark, Anne, Rachel and Walter
Characters Introduced
Michael: Goes to school in Kentak and shares knolwdge with the telepaths.
Sally: Home on neighbouring farm 2 miles away. Therefore, across border of adjointing district.
Katherine: Same as Sally
Mark: 9 miles to the north-west
Anne: Rachel's sister. Lives on a big farm 1 mile away to the west. She was something over 13 (eldest)
Rachel: Anne's sister. Lives on a big farm 1 mile away to the est.
Walter Brent: Youngest telepath (about 9 years old) who died from a crashing tree.
New Vocabulary Words
Perceived (Pg. 75 Paragraph 2): To become aware of something. Example: He has finally perceived depth in his artwork.
Important Quotations
David - "Accursed is the Mutant in the sight of God and Man" (Page 76)
David - "Oh, God, please, please, God, let me be like other people" (Page 76)
Uncle Axel - "No one else is ever going to know about it" (Page 77)
David - "God sent Tribulation upon them" (Page 78)
David - "...we discovered that eight of us has suddenly became nine" (Page 82)
by John Wyndham
New Ideas About Characters
David is frightened by the fact that aunt Harriet has committed suicide. He is paranoid about what may have happened to her. He has nightmares and decides that he should talk to uncle Axel about his problems.
Uncle Axel's character develops from a person who gives advice to a person who teaches important things in life. He keeps trying to teach David about the Old people and the definition of man while David was just listening passivley. Uncle Axel is a wise man, who cares for David.
Walter Brent is a mysterious boy, because his death was interesting in a way.
All the telepaths seem to be friendly and understanding of eachother.
Main Themes
To be self confident. "Well, we might try being ourselves, and build for the world that is, instead of for one that's gone,' Uncle Axel suggested.
Another theme for the same quote would be to think about the future instead of worrying about the past.
To lead, not follow and to take initiative. "What are we doing? What are we preaching? What were the Old People really like? What was it they did to bring this frightful disaster down upon themselves and all the world?"
The main theme for chapter 8 would be to trust others. Clearly in the whole chapter, David confided his fears to uncle Axel over any other person which tells
Chapter 8
Literary Devices
"...the panel stopped being a part of a furniture and started to stare at me." (Page 76): Personification.
"...when he thundered from the pulpit." (Page 75): Hyperbole
"Souls are just counters for churches to collect, all the same value, like nails." (Page 79): Simile
Abominable (Pg.76 Paragraph 1): Thoroughly unpleasant or disagreeable. Example: She has an abominable taste in clothes.
Fruition (Pg. 75 Paragraph 5): Realization of something desired or worked for; accomplishment. Example: After years of hard work, she has finally brought her idea to full fruition.
Travesties (Pg. 76 Paragraph 1): A literary or parody of a serious work or subject, characterized by grotesque or ludicrous incongruity of style, treatment, or subject matter. Example: Uncle Axel spoke of the land in the South where the plants and animals brought forth travesties
Lewd (Pg. 76 Paragraph 1): Inclined to lust or lechery. Example: That is very lewd behaviour!
Pulpit (Pg.75 Paragraph 4): A platform in a church, from which the sermon is delivered or the service is conducted. Example: The Priest stood on the pulpit and spoke very wise words.
Detestation (Pg. 75 Paragraph 4): Abhorrence; hatred.
Here are the things that happened in chapter 7:
Petra was born and the Strorm family was waiting for the inspector to arrive to inspect the baby.
The inspector arrived and took his time for he was angry about what Joseph did to David and his techniques of getting people to answer him.
The baby finally got the certificate and it was announced to others. She was named Petra.
Aunt Harriet arrived at the Strorm house with her baby. She seemed to be quite nervous.
Aunt Harriet asked David's mother about her baby and if she had gotten the normalicy certificate, but when aunt Harriet was asked by David's mother, she tried to change the subject and dodge the question.
We found out that aunt Harriet's baby is a mutant and does not have the normalicy certificate. David's mother got angry and was asked if she wanted to switch babies with aunt Harriet until she would have gotten the certificate.
Joseph Strorm walked in and was very angry when he found out about what aunt Harriet was trying to do. He told aunt Harriet to leave the house. Aunt Harriet stormed out saying "I am
ashamed, I am only beaten."
Previously in Chapter 7
Thanks for listening to our presentation! :D
By: Afeef, Mohammad and Adarsh
Do you think you know it all?
How old was Walter Brent when he died?
Why did David want to become “normal”?
What was the one thing Uncle Axel uses to compare when he talks about souls having no value?
Other than Walter Brent who had the name Brent?
Where did Michael go to study?
What was the food that David and Uncle Axel eat before talking?
Who was older Anne or Rachel?
Where was Aunt Harriet's Body found?
What did David pray for?
1) Nine

3) Nails
4) David's Grandmother
5) Kentak
6) Oatcake
7) Anne
8) In a river
9) To be normal
2) He was considered a mutant and he wasn't accepting in a society
Thank You!
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