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Kari's Self-Leadership Development Plan

No description

Kari Temkin

on 29 April 2012

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Transcript of Kari's Self-Leadership Development Plan

Self-Leadership Development Plan Values Overview SWOT SWOT
Values/Personal Mission Statement
Personal and Professional Goals
Self-Leadership Strategies I value:

family, friends, education, active citizenship, diversity, happiness, acceptance, relationships, community, integrity, quality conversation, cultural experiences and travel Goals Self Leadership Strategies Purpose
World Altering Strategies
Redesigning my Psychological World
Box of Self Deception Strengths(Internal)
•A good listener
•Strong self-esteem
•Good student
•Resourceful Strengths(Internal)
•Fast learner
•Team player
•Good public speaker
•Have a variety of experience through internships and volunteering
•Creative Opportunities(External)

•Meeting new people at school and in my community
•Finding new volunteer opportunities in my new community
•Journal writing
•Reconnecting with old friends Weaknesses(Internal)

•I don’t take enough time for myself
•I have trouble addressing interpersonal conflicts
•I need affirmation
•Poor time management skills when I’m not always busy
•I am overweight
•Poor at managing my money- in education/credit card debt Threats(External)

•Friends moving away
•Health issues
•Federal changes to student financial aid
•Credit cards raising interest rates Opportunities(External)

•Continue with my education

•Networking through my
work with the American Cancer Society

•Get a part-time job while in Grad school full time Weaknesses(Internal)

•I take things personally
•I have trouble addressing interpersonal conflict in the workplace
•I struggle with time management when if I’m not completely busy
•I have a tendency to spread myself too thin
•Work/life balance issues Threats(External)

•The economy having an effect on the job market Personal Mission Statement:
I am a public servant dedicated to continuous learning and personal and professional growth. I value integrity, relationships, education and community. I hope to spread understanding and tolerance through leading by example in my personal life and through engaging in public-service work as a career. Personal Goals:

Visit every National Park in the United States

Get out of credit card debt by the time I'm done with school (May 2013) Professional Goals: Graduate in May 2013 with a Master of Arts in Public Service with a Leadership focus

Get on the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life International Training Team by May 2013 Thank You!
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