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Radical leadership

No description

Ge Mini

on 27 December 2014

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Transcript of Radical leadership

Question # 01
Describe Ricardo Semler's leadership style. What do you think the advantages and drawbacks of his style might be?
What challenges might a radically "hands- off" leader face? how could those challenges be addressed?
How could future leaders be identified in this organization? would leadership training be important to this organization? Discuss.
Question #04
What could other businesses learn from Ricardo Semler's approach to leadership?
Question # 02
Image by Tom Mooring
Question #03
yes it is important to have leadership training for this organization.
These employees are truly learning by doing—one of the most effective methods of training.
By empowering employees,
they have opportunity to observe their skills,
dedication, and
leadership qualities .
Ricardo Semler's leadership style is one that allows the
Employees set their own working hours
Employees choose their own salaries
Employees hire their own bosses
HR has been abolished, because leaders need to be able to treat their employees right themselves
Employees choose which leader they want to work under
He seems to have a good relationship with the employees of the company. he is a laisser-faire style leader

Known around the globe for his innovative management style, Ricardo Semler is a true leadership visionary.
He is the president of Semco S/A, a Brazil based company that employs 3000 people in manufacturing, professional services and high tech software.
Most employees will feel more willing to do the work because they are not pressured.
Employees set their own working hours.
Employees are free to change and adapt their working environment
Employees have great opportunity to introduce new innovative ideas.

Answer #2
The challenges of a radical 'hands-off' leader are:

poor time management


low goal setting,

organizational drift
How to address such challenges
Discuss challenges they are facing in the organization.

Another option is employees are need to be educated about the organization goals
To identify radical leaders they have special characteristics such as:

Identify organizational needs
personal power,
clear vision,
Ricardo Semler's set an example that other organization learn from
Essence of life is at the heart of success and a major motivating factor for people

Creating a happy environment leads to a positive attitude

Allow people to have input on what they want in their workplace

Having open management , makes everyone accountable and responsible for their contribution.

Thank you....
Lack of guidance
Employees abscond from duty
No specific workplace
No specific office set
No motivation from the absence of incentives
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