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No description

Radu Puchiu

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of vdf_adplus1

Why companies should choose AdPlus in their marketing mix Why AdPlus Excellent targeting capabilities, more than 10 targeting criteria
High interactivity
Cross channel communication
Advanced success monitoring tools
It’s always ON IMPACT Almost 4,000,000 customers who subscribed to AdPlus service
Scalable service according to marketing budgets HIGH REACH Uncluttered communication
Differentiate from competition
Create innovative campaigns STAND OUT In Romania, mobile penetration
exceeded 135% of the
total population Whoever you want to target you can find on Mobile Mobile phone belongs
to our intimate space Over 98% of messages are read before being deleted Mobile Channels Talk to your customers through the short messages service. Experience the dialogue SMS Push Strategically place your ad in the bonus notifications messages SMS Insert Send your commercial message the multimedia way MMS Push Customers’ Survey: Asked users’ opinion SMS Surveys Online Channels Internet on Mobile Web Mobile Web Targeting Complementary Channels Bill Insert Classic SMS received by customers based on their profile;
The receivers DB is built based on their acceptance of receiving advertising messages;
They can answer either by SMS reply or click2browse
Multiple instances: Awareness, Promotions, Surveys What is SMS Push 10 targeting criteria + Geo-location
4.3 mil opt-in customers
180,000 SMS per hour
alfa-numeric sender short number
Interactivity / 6 messages Benefits According to Vodafone research, almost 58% of the Romanian users think that it would be enjoyable to receive SMS/MMS advertising on the mobile and over 30% think it would be useful. Customer feedback Campaign: Bella Italia is your lunch provider
Date & hour: 18 August 2011 (11 o’clock for business and 18 o’clock for consumer)
Mechanism: awareness campaign:- 2 openings in Timisoara & Caransebes
SMS text: Bella Italia iti face cinste si la domiciliu! Suna acum la 0736222xxx, 0762222xxx comanda o pizza cu doar 10 lei si primesti o cola sau o bere gratis. (for both cities)
Sender: BellaItalia
Nr of sms: almost 10.000 sms
Response rate: over 2%
Target: 2 targets:
active clients from the consumer area, postpaid, from Timisoara & Caransebes, with age between 18-30 y.o
business clients from Timisoara & Caransebes Case study: Pizza Bella Italia Campaign: “Piraeus Broker te asigura, Vodafone te informeaza”
Period: 13 July – 12 August 2011
Mechanism: send a free reply to 2528 and someone will get back to you with more details regarding the mandatory house insurance. Automatically you will participate to a contest where you can win 4 Ipads 1 and 4 internet mobile subscriptions of 4 Gb, free for 3 months
SMS text: Incheie asigurarea obligatorie a casei la Piraeus si poti castiga unul din cele 4 IPAD + NET de la Vodafone! Raspunde gratuit cu DA! Detalii: www.piraeusinsurance.ro
Sender: a short nr 2528
No. of sms: 255000 sms
Response rate: over 1%
Target: customers from some specific cities Piraeus Insurance Reinsurance Broker –a cobranded campaign with Vodafone December 2010
Campaign: Xmas promotion
Target: past traffic analyse; key accounts from some specific cityes like: Bucuresti, Timisoara, Iasi, Brasov etc
1. SMS
Sender: Acasa
Text: Nu mai avem Coca-Cola in frigider! :( Te rugam sa iei tu. Vezi ca e promotie: cumperi pachetul de 2X2L Coca-Cola, iar 1L din cei 4 ni-l dau CADOU!
No. of sms: 100.000
2. SMS insert
Sender: Vodafone
Text: Psst, avem un pont pentru tine. E promotie tare la Coca-Cola:iei un pack 2X2L si platesti doar 3L ;)
No. of sms: 100.000 Coca-Cola: SMS & SMS insert July 2011
Campaign: Bergenbier - unfiltered
Sender: Bergenbier
Text: Iti plac lucrurile nefiltrate? Incearca noul Bergenbier Nefiltrata din Grau! www.prieteniistiudece.ro/bng
No. of sms: almost 42.000
Target: 25-45, male with medium income from the urban area Bergenbier June 2011
Campaign: Heineken Ringtone
Sender: Heineken
Text: Lasa-ti telefonul sa spuna ce bere preferi!
Intra pe www.heineken.ro/rington/the-entrance si ia-ti ca ringtone piesa din ultima reclama Heineken!
No. of sms: almost 15.000
Target: age, gender, usual criteria Heineken June- August 2011
Campaign: Ursus Evolution
Sender: Ursus
Each of them: until 10.000 sms/campaign
Target: age, gender & the targeted city

Cluj- Text: Traieste evolutia muzicii romanesti! Ursus Evolution-Piata Unirii-25,26 iunie. Iris,Puya,Suie,Cargo,Parazitii,Luna Amara,ROA, EMIL & altii! Intararea-i libera!

Iasi- Text: Traieste evolutia muzicii romanesti! Ursus Evolution, Palatul Culturii, 9-10 iulie. Iris,Puya,Suie,Cargo,Parazitii,Grasu, ROA, EMIL & altii! Intararea-i libera!

Constanta- Text: Traieste evolutia muzicii romanesti! Ursus Evolution, Mamaia, Plaja Fratelli,12-13 august. Iris,Puya,Suie,Cargo,Parazitii,ROA, EMIL&altii! Intrarea-i libera! Ursus Both of them in sept 2010
Ursus Music Fest
target: all the people from Cluj- Napoca (also students)

Ciucas Oktoberfest
target: male with age between: 20 and 40 years old from Brasov

They used mobile advertising as a complementary channel. Ursus Music Fest & October Fest In 2009: 8 campaigns between 25th of Jun and 13th of August

Concept: 3 centuries of history, leveraged through periods
wished-for target: man between 25 and 45 years old, postpaid
desired cities: Constanta, Craiova, Resita, Timisoara, Satu Mare, Iasi, Bacau, Buzau
volume: 58 000 SMS and presence: 585 000 people

In Aug 2010: 54.000 sms
10 cities targeted: Bacau, Braila, Tg. Jiu, Timisoara, Resita, Oradea, Targoviste,
Ploiesti, Buzau, Constanta a real success also

In June 2011: Timisoara & Mehedinti
Target: male between 18-45 y.o. and the mentioned county “Serbarile Timisoreana””- a 3 years partnership August 2010
They targeted by geo life-style customers that have been near Unicredit branches with ATM;
52.000 sms
How did they measure?
a 20% increase rate in terms of transactions (ATM actions);
8% success rate in terms of new customers
Text: Banca noastra e mereu deschisa. Depuneri, retrageri, plati facturi, schimburi valutare. La orice ora, la aparatul Nonstop Banking. Vino sa vezi cat e de simplu! UniCredit Tiriac Bank November 2010
They targeted active users with positive opt- in from Vodafone network:
age: between 25-55 y.o.;
cities with over 100k residents;
medium and high income.

Response rate: over 0.8%

Text: Ia-ti un card de credit de la Bancpost si primesti CADOU 10% din valoarea cumparaturilor din prima luna, pana la 150 lei.Raspunde cu numele tau si te sunam noi. Bancpost Two stores opened with us in Bucharest:
Almost 20,000 customers in the first day

Other stores opened in:

Customers who shown the SMS received a gift in the first day Get traffic for DEDEMAN at store openings 6,000 push messages:
8% Response Rate
Collecting period : 6 days Create your own data base like Reader’s Digest did it Location Based
Advertising Vodafone Coupons It’s a text notification received by prepaid customers inside the bonus message;
Messages are positive ones, confirming a bonus received from Vodafone
Similar benefits as push SMS campaigns.
Targeting criteria available
What is SMS Insert
100 characters
sender Vodafone
150,000 per day
> 2 mil unique customers per month
8 targeting criteria
Interactivity / High quality
Benefits More than 90% of the Vodafone customers considered that receiving promotional information along with their notification messages is not disturbing Customer feedback Based on their profile, customers will receive advertisements through MMS;
Only clients which can receive MMS are targeted. Waste is 0.
Answer possibilities: Click2Browse, via MMS, via e-mail
What is MMS Push Text up to 1,000 characters
alfa-numeric sender Short number E-mail
15,000 SMS per hour
>1,5 mil customers with active MMS
10 targeting criteria + Geo-location
interactivity / sound, image, text Benefits According to Vodafone research, almost 58% of the Romanian users think that it would be enjoyable to receive SMS/MMS advertising on the mobile and over 30% think it would be useful. Customer Feedback MMS with response “The launch of the new BMW X5”
Campaign date: Oct 2010;
Target: postpaid customers; male between 30-57 years old; very high income;
category: stylish techies and super users;
Almost 12.900 MMS acquired
186 collected answers
Response rate : 1,5:%
Case study - BMW 3-5 times more efficient than direct mailing

SMS & MMS with response “Un plin la fiecare 15 minute”
Campaign date: September 2009;
Target: postpaid customers who used their mobile phone in close proximity of Petrom’s stations;
Split between SMS and MMS compatible phones
Response rate for SMS: 3.70:%
Response rate for MMS: 5.08:%
Case study - Petrom 60 indoor locations
National level
Underground stations in Bucharest
Millions of people can be targeted monthly
Potential customers receive SMS or MMS according to their profile
Location Based Advertising service
was launched in Aug ‘11
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