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Abuse/Crisis Counselor

No description

Laura Newton

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Abuse/Crisis Counselor

By: LAURA NEWTON SALARY: $30,000 - 50,000

PER MONTH: $3300

PER WEEK: $ 825.00

BY DAY: $ 117.00

BY HOUR: $20.62 PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS There are very few physical requirements to being a abuse/crisis counselor. Yes a handicapped person could do this job. You talk to others about their problems. The only thing you need is to be mentally stable. Abuse / crisis counselors office. In a rural location sometimes a abuse/crisis counselor may be needed not very many though. Although you may only need one counselor in a rural location there may be ten counselors needed in a urban or suburban location. Around here we dont need as much because there is not as many crimes going on than in a urban or suburban location, such as drugs, alcohol and abuse victims. So I would have to move away to get a good job as an abuse/crisis counselor. The economy will effect my job. If people can not afford to put food on their table they will not pay me for my service. They will not worry about talking to me about their problems until their problems are solved. Money would be the biggest effect on my job. Them not paying for my service means I will not get as much money for my salary. ECONOMIC EFFECT GOVERNMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS

For my job i will need a master's degree. I will also need an counseling license. Without a counseling license I cannot be an counselor. I will also need some experience with people who have been victims of abuse. I will need an masters degree. So, i will have to attend a four year college. I definitely need a high school diploma. In college i would need to take a class in social work, counseling psychology, and human services. I could go to college for an extra two years. SCHOOLING!!! The technology I would use is a computer to save notes, and set appointments up etc. I would also use a phone. I could talk to patients over the phone if needed and to make appointments over it. TECHNOLOGY I would receive many fringe benefits as a abuse/crisis counselor. I would receive health insurance, paid vacations, and sick leave. If I were to be a member of an organization i would receive discounts on items, liability insurance plans, and membership discounts. For these things i have to be employed in a different place to become a member of an organization. Fringe benefits My life style will not be a rich lifestyle, but it will also not be a poor lifestyle. I will make a good living. I will be in the middle class.I will be able to pay my bills and put food on the table! LIFESTYLE I will need to be able to communicate with others. Such as talking to the patient. I will need have good decision making skills because i will need to tell the patient what they need to do to get better. I need to have listening skills to listen to what the patient is saying and try to understand. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS THE END!!!!!!!!!!!
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