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Amadeus Comparison / Contrast

No description

Jessica Chipman

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Amadeus Comparison / Contrast

AMADEUS "The purpose of the film is to tell the story so the audience wants to know what happens next, and to tell it in pictures. A play has to have a plot as some sort of spine, but the spine can be simple."

David Mamet
Should we compare the Amadeus film and play as two versions of the same story, or two different stories with similar foundations? Plot Framing Devices Salieri's confession to a priest [film]
Venticelli [play] Inciting Incident Salieri cuts throat [film]
Salieri asks audience for their absolution; predicts own death [play] "More Mozart" [film] Mozart and Constanze
Mozart and Leopold
Mozart and dog owner [poverty, desperation] Salieri hires maid as spy [film]
The Masons and Mozart [play]
Leopold in Vienna [film] Subplot FILM: 1984 [Forman, Shaffer] PLAY: 1998 Revival [Shaffer] Mozart vs. Everyone "Powers that be" Himself Leopold Salieri Salieri's lens of jealousy Conflict Film Play Salieri vs. God Mozart's talent Whose story is this? FILM PLAY a story about jealousy a story about atonement Characters Film Play Salieri
Us, the audience
Music Salieri
Music as Performance Confrontation Scene opera scene Mozart "memory;" cues emotion opera scenes Style Acting "demolition of theatrical elements"
humanizing Film Play stylized
broad Design Language Rich and opulent in play
Structural in film Rich and opulent in film
Suggestive in play "heart of the play" thrilling melodrama humanist tragedy or Film Play
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