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what can we learn from success and failure


Ivy Ting

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of what can we learn from success and failure

What can we learn from success and failure IVY Being able to do what I want Enjoying good health What does Success Mean to you? Being rich Doing well on exams IVY PEGGY ≠ Rich Happy ≠ Good grades Having a job I love Being able to do what I want Winner What can we learn from Failure? A lesson
that teach you how to success PEGGY IVY Ang Lee Ang Lee was unknown at first, and he leaded a poor life. Whatever, he didn’t give up. he came to the top and got many awards. At last... Don’t be afraid of failure because it is our best teacher. Ang Lee says Failure is an important process of being successful. Ivy Failure Try again and again deal with it. Failure is not horrible. The most horrible is to give up. Success is a journey not a destination read books at a coffee shop all day take a walk improve and correct our mistakes
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