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Gothic Literature and its Influence on Stevenson's Story

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Blue Valkyrie

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Gothic Literature and its Influence on Stevenson's Story

Gothic Literature In literature, the word ‘Gothic’ refers to a mode of fiction dealing with supernatural or horrifying events. action in a gothic novel often takes place at night or in a
claustrophobic environment. characters often undergo a proccess a exisstential turmiol: playing god, tampering with the forces of nature and then suffering the consequences. gothic stories depicts a world where, from our point of view , is entirely evil. A major theme of Gothic novels tends to be the existence of powerful secrets, such as Jekyll's connection to Hyde. Jekyll and Hyde: how did Stevenson
get the idea? A series of nightmares!! when he got up he endevoured
to write it down. so how did Gothic literature
influence him? edgar allan poe wrote when stevenson was still alive. this could have influenced him as he read alot of books. ( he wasn't allowed outside his house due to sick health) this could have triggered nightmares which lead him to write jekyll and hyde. gothic literature combines romance and horro in order to thrill the reader. It is also said that he had direct influence from a James Hogg novel, private memoirs and confessions of a sinner. which gave him the interest in a separation of
good and evil in one's mind. so... thanks for watching!!
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