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programming langauges

No description

ahmad abu saad

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of programming langauges

Graduation Project:

36 Hours
hours will be scheduled as a private consultation sessions for each group from the programmers and the system analyst instructors, to watch and monitor the Projects and documentations work process. The session’s times and the deadlines of delivering the project and documentation will be scheduled and monitor by the QA department.

Who should attend:
Students who have completed the level one session, and have graduation projects.

ASP.NET enough knowledge   , ADO.NET, SQL server 2008 R2
Level two
In this course, students will learn advanced topics in web development needed to develop real work projects, three main goals will be achieved at the end of this course (Theoretical part, Practical part)

Who should Attend:
Students who have completed the level one session, employees who have at least four months of experience on web development?

Advance topics in Web Development
Advance Topics in Database

ASP.NET enough knowledge   , ADO.NET, SQL server
2012 R2
36 Hours
In this course the participant will learn the ASP. Net by using VB or C# on the IDE VS.NET 2010 ultimate and the T-SQL on the IDE SQL server 2008
Who should Attend:
The IT students, employees who have a basic knowledge in OOP and programming control structure . 
SQL Server 2012Database 
VB.Net 2012 or C#
ASP. Net  

A basic knowledge in OOP and programming control  structure
Level One
Microsoft. Net 2012 Package

Microsoft. Net 2012

Java is a programming language and environment invented by James Gosling and others in 1994. Java was originaly named Oak and was developed as a part of the Green project at the Sun Company.
The writing of Java began in December of 1990. Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan, and James Gosling and were trying to figure out the "next wave" in computing.
PhP 5.4

For nearly 30 years, Oracle has been building and refining a technology platform that delivers the highest-quality information while reducing your cost of doing business. Because if your information systems can create and manage high-quality data, your employees can improve their efficiency
Why Programming in Pioneers ?!
The Practical Side
Pioneers Is Your First Step
To Be Certified
Packages which Pioneers
IT Students Curriculum
Market Labor
Thank You For Your Time
Our courses are held in well equipped labs from the beginning till the end of training course.
Our Instructors are experienced programmers

in the first place.
Students will be working on real life projects and will be giving practical tasks
.Net 2010 (MCTS as web developer)
Java (Oracle Programmer)
PHP (Zend Certifications PHP 5.3)
Oracle (OCA , OCP)
Our Courses Start From Scratch

For IT Students And Employees
The trainee takes all the necessary training in the project lifeCycle to mange building a complete application such as : Database, programming language, coding between the Db and the programing language, building web page, Design.
The trainee will take intensive training in the main purpose of training such as : ASP.NET , Java SEE , Java EE, Android
Our Courses help the IT Students in their curriculum in many subjects such as:
C ,C Advance , OOP , Data Structure, Database, System Analyst, E-commerce , VB, Java ..ETC
Pioneers offers courses which are designed to help our students get into the labor market since most of Programming companies are using one of the programming courses we offer at Pioneers.
What Kind Of Programs ?
Web Applications

Windows Desktop Applications

Mobile Applications
What Are Programming Languages ?
To build programs, people use languages that are similar to human language (High level programming languages).

The results are translated into machine code which computers understand.
SW Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Dynamic websites
Scripting language

Embedded into HTML or JavaScript or CSS
Compatible with all browsers
Open Source
You can choose any IDE (integrated developments
environment) Note, DW CS 5, E-Clips
Many resources and references
Use many platforms
High Execution speed
Low hosting cost Facebook,Yahoo
PHP uses a run-time interpreter, and is a multi-paradigm language originally developed in 1996 by Rasmus Lerdorf to create dynamic web pages.

Faster than any other existing languages so they decided to
make it a programing language

PHP 4 Programming language
Because of the PHP 4 features huge companies like Zind
was interested in the PHP
They Expand it by making it open source

NameSpace (use all classes in the area of VPS)
Cloud (Bigger than VPS)

PHP 5.3 – 5.4
Completely amazing programming language with great
features such as magic functions
Get Started

PHP 5.4

Zind Studio

Covering the main topics
OOP Functions
String Methodology
Files Management
Database, Security

Covering the mentioned topics will help the students to be junior in the PHP 5.4
Is a server-side Web application framework designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.
It was first released in January 2002 with version 1.0 of the .NET Framework,

ASP.NET drastically reduces the amount of code required to build large applications.


High performance

The ASP.NET framework is complemented by a rich toolbox and designer in the Visual Studio integrated development environment

The source code and HTML are together therefore ASP.NET pages are easy to maintain and write. Also the source code is executed on the server. This provides a lot of power and flexibility to the web pages.

It is purely server-side technology so, ASP.NET code executes on the server before it is sent to the browser.

Market labor

Get Started
Basics OOP and programming control structure
SQL Server
VB.Net C#

Android stands for Robot
As a noun it means automatic human being
As adjective means in the form of human being
Android is a Free and Open source Linux-based Operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computer.
Builds on many different open source projects
Developed by Open Handset Alliance (OHA) led by Google is responsible about developing android through Android Open Source Project (AOSP)
Fast Market share and rate of adoption
Research company Canalys estimated in the second quarter of 2009 that Android had a 2.8% share of worldwide smart phone
By the fourth quarter of 2010 this had grown to 33% of the market, becoming the top-selling smart phone platform.
By the third quarter of 2011 Gartner estimated that more than half (52.5%) of the smart phone market belongs to Android
By the third quarter of 2012 Android had a 75% share of the global smartphone market according to the research firm IDC.

Google purchased Android in 2005

Open Handset Alliance (OHA) esablishment

Release of the Android beta in November 2007.

Android 1.0, was released in September 2008

The first Android-powered phone was sold in October 2008

The first commercially available phone to run Android was the HTC Dream,
released on October 22, 2008.

Since April 2009, Android versions have been developed under
a codename :

Cupcake :1.5

Donut :1.6





Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Jelly Bean 4.2 on 2010

Android is open source and Google releases the code under the Apache License.

This open source code and permissive licensing allows the software to be freely modified
and distributed by device manufacturers, wireless carriers and enthusiast developers

It is Age of Mobility
How many people have smart devices, now and before 2 years
Sequence from Mainframes to smart devices
Battery Management and different behaviors

Opportunities for Jobs , Opportunities for business

Threats in Future

Don’t have a job? You don’t need it

Your target customers is the whole world

Many ways to make money
Custom Apps
Store apps
Advertisements CPC,CPM,addfalcon,brokers
Sell info
Sell your company

Arab Market is still armature
Why Mobility
What is Android
Android definition
What is Google Play
Building you First App

Managing the activity lifecycle

Supporting different devices



Getting Started
Another major byproduct of the Green project was a little cartoon character named "Duke". Duke was invented and first drawn by Joe Palrang and has become the icon for Java.
Java is Object-oriented

Java is Platform Independent

Java is Secure

Java is Portable- The feature of java
"write once -run any where"
Getting Started
Basic OOP and programming control structure
Java SE
Oracle Or MySQL
Java EE
1977: System Development Laboratories, the precursor to Oracle, is founded. 1978: The Oracle Relational Database Manager Program is developed.
1982: Oracle forms its first international subsidiary, Oracle Denmark.
1983: The company becomes Oracle Corporation.
1986: Oracle goes public on NASDAQ and debuts its SQL*Star software.
1987: Oracle ranks as the world's largest database management software company.
1991: The company experiences its first fiscal loss.
1992: Nippon Steel Corporation buys a stake in Oracle Japan; Oracle7 makes its debut.
1997: Network Computer Inc. is established.
1999: Oracle Japan goes public.
2000: Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and Technology Network (OTN) Xchange are introduced.
2001: Oracle's database system is the first to pass nine industry standard security evaluations.
2003: Oracle attempts a hostile takeover of rival PeopleSoft.
2004: Department of Justice files multiple antitrust lawsuits to prevent Oracle's takeover of PeopleSoft
Oracle Products
Oracle Database 11g (SQL,PL/SQL)
- Developer track (Forms Reports)
Oracle e-business suite
- Oracle Customer Relationship Management
- Oracle Customer Service Management
- Oracle Financials
- Oracle Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
- Oracle Projects Portfolio
- Oracle Supply Chain Applications
- Oracle Advanced Procurement
- Oracle Value Chain Planning
- Oracle Value Chain Execution (Logistics)
What i should cover before start learning
one of the high level programming languages?
OOP Concepts

-Inheritance …ETC
Programming control structure
-The switch statement
-For Loop...Etc.
Data Base concepts
System Analysis
- DB
- Interface
- Code
Environment and Tools

Installing and Exploring SDK
Installing and Exploring Eclipse
Setting up IDE (Plug-ins and Packages)
AVD (Android Virtual Device) and Emulator

Pre-Requisites Basics
Introduction to programming
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
What is XML
Android Architecture
Application Components
Java Basics For
Android Development
.Net 2010 (MCTS as web developer)

Java (Oracle Programmer)

PHP (Zend PHP 5.3 Certification)

Oracle (OCA , OCP)
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