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Mobile Dev Strategy

No description

Wes Reid

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Dev Strategy

Mobile Development Strategy
Development Options
Native Independent Workstreams (Obj-C, Java, .Net)

Native Single Workstream (Xamarin - C#)

Hybrid Single Workstream (Phonegap, Titanium Appcelerator, etc)
What skill sets can we leverage right now?
Across multiple projects for mobile?
Obj-C iOS Dev? (nope)
Java Android Dev? (better traction than the former, but... nope)
Xamarin / C# (nope - but we'll discuss further)

JS + HTML5 (we would not be here we weren't in this game!)
Happy Place
Focusing Our Attention:
iOS + Android + ?
2014 Market Share Outlook
Android / 47.5%
iOS / 39.5%
WP / 7 - 12%
Xamarin & Phonegap (with Steroids.js)
Xamarin (no in-house skill sets):
- C#, Compiles natively to each platform, Code reuse is 60-80% outside of UI/Platform-specific code

Phonegap (Apache Cordova):
- AMD, RequireJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS, Underscore/LoDash, etc, etc

Phonegap + Steroids.js:
- Steroids team at AppGyver have spent almost 8 man-years in 18 months focusing PG shortcomings to bridge the native performance gap
- Native UI Additions: Multiple WebViews, Tabs, Modals, Navigation Bar, Native Animations, Drawer, Built-in SQLite, TouchDB on iOS
- more at http://www.appgyver.com/steroids_game_change
Support mobile initiatives today
Solid experience in familiar environment
No need to build-up, ramp-up and manage additional resources just to solve for 'x'

Do it!
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