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The Rise of Fascism

No description

Raven Warford

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of The Rise of Fascism

Week 2
How's it going?
Lesson 8 in Review
Lesson 8 Focus Topic: The Rise of Totalitarianism & Fascism
Dictators in Europe
Lesson 8 in Review
New Leader: Joseph Stalin
Established totalitarianism and communism in the country and used it to develop:
The Economy
5 Year Plan
More Industry
More/ Better transportation
More farm output
Stalin's reign by terror
Mistrust between Russia and other countries
Russia is "catching up" while others are failing!
The Soviet Union: Joseph Stalin
Where the government, usually led by a dictator, controls every single aspect of the daily life of its citizens
What is totalitarianism and Fascism?
The Rise of Fascism & Totalitarianism
Mrs. Warford
World History B

War veterans
Italians inspired by Russian Revolution:
Peasants tried to take land
- Workers went on strike in the factories
War veterans returned to unemployment
Trade declined and taxes rose
The Government just seemed to fight with itself
What does this mean for the view of government?
Italy After WWI..
Benito Mussolini in Italy
A charismatic leader--> Started the Fascist party after WWI ended
He promised he could:
- End corruption
-Return order to society
- Wanted to "revive" the Roman part of Italy

Nazi Germany
Nazi Germany
Why did people become Nazi's?
Benito Mussolini
Joseph Stain
Adolf Hitler
Nazi Party
Nuremberg Laws

Where the government, is usually led by a dictator, places the importance of the state over the individual people, sacrificing their rights
Mussolini Gains Control:
Black Shirts- His supporters who used violence to "restore order"
March on Rome - Fascist swarming towards the capital in Rome and made King Victor Emmanuel III, fear civil war
King asked Mussolini to be Prime Minister.
He installed a totalitarian and fascist state
Post-War Germany
The Treaty of Versailles ended WWI in 1918
This treaty forced Germany to accept responsibility formally
Complete humiliation
There were required to pay back all debts
Totaling: 442 Billion in sum
The Weimar Repulic
New form of government formed: Republican form
This was extremely unpopular by the people
Treaty of Versailles
Economic Problems
The Rise of Adolf Hitler
Joined the Nationalist Socialist Party, or Nazi Party for short

A great public speaker

Gained fame quickly and wanted more

Attempt to overthrow the government

Imprisoned and wrote Mein Kampf

Racial superiority
Political ideas

Hitler Gains Power
Released from prison and continued efforts in Politics
The Great Depression
Made Promise to the German People
Pride (race and country)
Economic Recovery
Chancelor in 1933 (elected)
Mein Kampf: A Warning?
Total Control...
Began to seize total power, arresting anybody opposing him (Storm Troopers)
Bullied the German legislature
Effective use of Propaganda
Youth organizations
Reshaping Society...
Rebuilt Military
Improved Economy
Reduced Unemployment
Built public roads and buildings
Blamed Jews for WWI
Combines prejudice based on religion, with hatred based on Ancestry
Hitler's Third Reich... Anti Semitism
Third Reich = the 3rd empire of Germany
The Gestapo = his secret police who rooted out and often killed opposition
Nuremberg Laws = deprived Jews of citizenship and placed sever restrictions on them (marriage, property rights, etc)
Nov. 9th and 10th:
Night of Broken Glass = Nazis attacked Jewish homes, stores, synagogues at night, murder
Gave an ultimatum, get out or get to the ghetto
Pure-Blooded Aryans went to Hitler's Youth school

Q & A...
Time for Quiz! (Whoo Hoo)

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