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911pre test

No description

Rachel Chiu

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of 911pre test

Team Micky Innovation Solutions Services & Support SIEMENS D1. Customer: I waited for a whole week!
D2. Customer: I don't know what are they talking about!

D3. CS: Spend 30min to tell where is the buttons!
D4. CS: I hate terrible accent! S5:
Sustainable Development S2:
Train CS Employee;
Pilot. S4:
Deploy 3ARMs project Action Plan S3:
Collect Feedback;
Development Completed. We Are The Solutions. :) What is CS ? Main Development : 2012.12 2013.8 2013.12 2013.5 2013.1 S1:
Develop Remote-control Software;
Develop 3 Available Time Slots Platform. Memory Function Internal
External 3A R M 3ARMs olution
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