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Community Building 1-1

Presentation for Fall 2015 RA Training

Housing and Residence Life

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Community Building 1-1

Presented by Nikki Steinberger & Beth Paris
Discuss strategies for retaining names and personal demographics of all residents in the community
Review the process of active listening and ways to increase competence in utilizing those skills
Discuss strategies for motivating residents to get involved in leadership opportunities
Identify ways to complete intentional conversations with all residents throughout the community

Intentional Conversations: Explained
Let's Get Technical
eRezLife will be the online system that you will use to log the information you learn about each resident.
A separate form will be submitted for each Individual Conversation (ex. Tara Smith will have a total of 2 forms submitted about her at the end of the year)

Tracking Conversations
Leadership Opportunities
Getting Students Involved
Motivating a student who is feeling disconnected can be challenging.
Sometimes, all it takes is a personal invitation and your support to bring them to a meeting or event.
Other residents may be more reluctant.
Suggestions from returners?
Time to practice!
Back to the Community Development Model
How do intentional conversations support community development?

What makes for a "good" conversation?
1 IC per resident per semester
Each conversation will take place during the
6th - 16th week of the semester.

How many residents should you talk to each week if you have 50 residents to complete IC #1?

Start with an ethic of care:
Your goal is to show that you are genuinely interested and invested in their experience at UNF.
Know the plan, but be flexible:
You're not mining for data, you're building a relationship. Worry less about collecting information, and more about developing a natural conversation.
Ask open-ended questions:
Create a space where your residents feel comfortable sharing as much or as little as they want. Open-ended questions have no "right" answer!
Listen & Reflect:
The conversation should be about the resident, not you. Share resources and ideas when necessary, but focus on listening first.
Resident-Staff connections
Resident connections
Community connections
Campus connections
Steps to a successful open-dialogue:
1) Committed Listening
2) Paraphrasing
3) Positive intent, powerful questions
4) Reflective feedback
"You seemed stressed about your test yesterday, how did it go?"
"So you're not sure. Did you feel prepared for the material?"
"What's your plan for the next test? Are there study groups or resources you want to use?"
"Well, it sounds like you have a plan. If you're looking for tutoring, PATH is a great resource for residents to use."
Wingardium Leviosa!
Elevating Community Development in 1-1 Interactions

eRezLife Report function
"Old School" Notebooks
Floor Maps
Other suggestions?
Sociograms are a visual representation of the community you have developed between your residents. They represent interactions, relationships, and common interests that you have learned or developed in your students throughout their time in the halls.
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