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Chapter 23 One Hundred Grand

No description

Alex Casolaro

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 23 One Hundred Grand

Chapter 23
One Hundred Grand Preparations
Smith has to work Seabiscuit in the mud due to the rain.
THe national weather service took more calls the week of Febuary 26, 1940 than ever in its history.
Every caller wanted to know if Seabiscuit would run
Two days before the race, the track dried up and both Seabiscuit and Kayak were set to race.
The track was dry and fast. Smith brought seabiscuit and kayak out together.
Seabiscuit didn't handle the mud well.
Kayak was frustrated, took a lung at Seabiscuit and dragged a groom with him.
Seabiscuit was his old nasty self.
he would be carrying 130 lbs. in the Hundred grander. Race Day
March 2, 1940
"Today's the day" Smith to Seabiscuit
Howard anxious about Pollard's leg
Seabiscuit was ready to go
Gates threw open at ten.
By 10:30 a.m., the track was filled to capacity with 78,000 people in attendance.
Largest Crowd at horse race in American history.
All in attendance were excited for the race to begin.
Even The Wise We Boys and Oscar Otis were rooting for Seabiscuit.

Pollard made his final preparations for the race.
Agnes strung a Saint Christopher medal around his neck.
He promised Agnes he would bring her flowers from the winner's Wreath.
Yummy and David Alexander were there to support Red.
Yummy had a little bottle of Bow Wow wine and promised Pollard if he won, he would sneak it to him. Out of the gate Whichcee had the lead.
Pollard found an open lane ahead and blazed down the back stretch with Whichcee.
Pollard was a lion poised for the kill.
Wedding call made his move, clattered against Seabiscuit forcing him behind Whichcee.
The two horses formed a wall in front of Seabiscuit, Pollard thought he had no way out.
He cried out a prayer, and an opening formed. Seabiscuit raced through.
Seabiscuit now had the lead and Pollard felt peaceful, "We are alone" he told his horse.
However, Kayak came from behind and the two horses drew even.
Seabiscuit teased him, and went on to win the Santa Anita. The Win
Thr crowd wept with joy as Seabiscuit rode into the winner's circle.
As pollard cried, Seabiscuit stood calmly, he had just broken the track record which would stand untouched for nearly a decade.
Pollard got his wine and pulled out Agnes's promised flowers.

The End
As Howards, Pollard, Agnes, David Alexander and yummy were celebrating the win, in reality America was on the brink of war, set deep in depression. The Race Accomplishment's
In 6 years, 33 races won,
Set 13 track records , at 8 tracks over 6 distances.
Earned $437,730, nearly 60 times his price.
After the Santa Anita, Seabiscuit was retired and Smith and Howard's partnership was over.
The day after the race, Smith went back to Barn 38 in the dark. The horses couldn't see him, but they knew he was there.
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