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Matilda Cook

By: laurie halse anderson

Kiriko Kajiwara

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Matilda Cook

By: Laurie Halse Anderson Matilda Cook Project made by: Kiriko Kajiwara Fever 1793 This is Matilda Cook serving coffee at the Philadelphia Coffee House.
September 23, 1793 Grandfather's sword The portrait of flowers that Nathaniel Benson drew for Mattie. These are significant because they made me happy when it was a very sad time.
This was a significant sword because it was grandfather's prized possession and I used it to scare off the robbers. This was significant because sugar was expensive and Mattie needed sugar for the Cake. SUGAR The Strong Box was significant because it held all the valuables/money. Candy~ This candy was significant because Matilda enjoyed the candy and it showed us her childish side. King George's feathers These are King George's feathers which remind Mattie of her grandfather. This is my family photo. With my mother and grandfather. This is the setting of the book, Philadelphia. This is the scene when Mattie's grandfather is arguing with the doctor because he said that Yellow Fever may be the cause of people's deaths. The Strong Box September 25,1793
This is the scene when Mattie tries to catch fish with her skirt but King George ends up ruining her catch. The End~ The greatest achievement was that Mattie and her friends made it through the plague. September 25, 1793
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