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Powerpoint arguing the affirmative for Cloning.

Nicholas Price

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Cloning

And why we should be allowed to make, and have, clones. Reasons for... Infertility
Genetic Illness
Super Humans
Curing Diseases
Body Replacements
Because we can!
Now let's look at each
of these individually... Cloning would allow gays and lesbians to make children using their own DNA. Humans could have children without
risking the passing of genetic illnesses
that the child might have had a chance
of inheriting. Think about it, humans that are super
smart, super strong, and have abilities
we don't, like maybe night vision.
All that would be possible with cloning
technology. Cloning would lead to many
medical breakthroughs. We would find out what genes trigger what genetic defects and maybe how to prevent them. If we were to create clones
that didn't have brains to begin with
would there be a problem with using
the body parts to help the original human?
A new liver that is a genetic identical would
be less likely to be rejected by the body than
one by another human. Let's face it. We are human.
Why do we do a lot of stuff?
Because we can! It's progress
and advancement. We want
the latest "thing." Whatever it is!
Phones, computers, cars, and all
that stuff! We will want clones! Reasons against... Playing God
Embryos at Risk
Human Rights
Some people don't want clones because
they see it as playing God. I say, suck it up.
We have so much technology that enables
us to do what was once thought impossible.
Are we not already playing God? Man has
created synthetic life now(See source A)! Is that not God-like? Scientists have teleported particles 10 miles! 10 miles(See source B)! I believe this excuse that cloning is "playing God" is totally worthless in this day and age. I honestly believe this would not be a
problem. The clones are human so they
would of course have rights. I also think
it would be a bit hard for someone to
treat themselves like a slave. Again, let's look at these
individually... As we get better, less embryos
would be at risk and damaged.
To get better we need practice.
Practice that we won't get if we
can't do it! Some people say the expectations on the clone
to be just like the original would be too much. Yes,
the clone is genetically identical. However, we are
influenced by our environments. We should not
expect the clones to do everything exactly as we
would had it been us in the clones position. Why would this be a problem?
It, being human, would of course
have the same rights as humans.
There is no problem with it
not having human rights! Sources... A: Synthetic life: http://dvice.com/archives/2010/05/man-creates-wor.php
B: Teleportation: http://dvice.com/archives/2010/05/beam-me-up-quan.php
C: Pros and Cons of Cloning: http://www.philforhumanity.com/Human_Cloning.html
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