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International politics and Global economy

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on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of International politics and Global economy

Two World Views and what is the liberalism? I think everyone wants freedom and oppression at the same time. Is it possible to exclude the hegemon? No. There are Big problems. Global Warming Somalia pirates AIDS Idiot politician has solution for AIDS in Africa. Zimbabwean politician Mogan Femai has sparked outrage by suggesting the spread of HIV can be Curbed if women shave their heads, stop bathing, and make themselves look unattracitive. The ugly reality of famine. Unless the private benefit to each consumer of
a nit of a public good exceeds the entire social cost of producing a unit, the free rider problem will lead to underproduction of the public good.. So we need the hegemonic stability theory !
Is China next or EU? Another issue.
Why Trade? But China struggles to improve its environmental and human rights standing, the difficulties keep piling on. Yet even underneath the chaos, China remains a unique competitor to the United States. international trade=economic growth The emerge of regionalism ! The 5 steps of regionalism The conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement A customs union A single market A monetary union A political integration Trade follws the flag. External economy Liberalism vs. Realism
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