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FLL 2012 - Senior Solutions Presentation

A project for FLL 2012

Brandon Que

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of FLL 2012 - Senior Solutions Presentation

FLL 2012 - Senior Solutions The Problem everybody can get depressed, especially seniors. Maybe it's because their children and grandchildren don't see them, or because of their health problems. maybe because they have a lot of debt or maybe because one of their LOVED ONES has died or because their spouse has a disease. seniors may also be isolated, making them feel lonely and left out. even worse, seniors are sometimes abused. our solution WE MADE A ROBOT THAT HELPS seniors with chores, and has conversations with you while you work, giving you a friendly experience. If you don't want to talk, the robot won't talk. You can set what kind of personality you want, a quirky personality, a busy personality, you decide. It also looks cute! It's nice and small, portable and light. IT EVEN HAS A MUSIC PLAYER! It's a friend in a box! It's good to have a friend around to make things HAPPY! to MAKE OUR ROBOT NICE AND SMALL WE EVEN HAVE A NEW FEATURE: retractable arms! It's every thing a senior needs to be comfortable! Team ROBOFOX bibliography www.helpguide.ca www.theglobeandmail.com Fun facts 44 percent of seniors suffer from depression when you reach around 40, your body starts to weaken but if you exercise, you can reverse the effects www.livestrong.com may need to be changed in 2001, 14 percent of toronto's population were seniors www.toronto.ca in 2005, 13.1 percent of the canadian population were seniors in 2005, 75 percent of seniors over 90 were women www.statcan.gc.ca
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