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The periodic table of elements


amber Robinson

on 14 March 2010

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Transcript of The periodic table of elements

The periodic table of elements Californium Was named after the state of califorina Chemical Symbol: Cf

Average atomic mass: 251

Atomic number: 98
The number of valence electrons in a neutral atom of the element is 98 The Element position on the element table is found in the group Actinoid number 92 This element is found in california This element is used for oil to test materials without breaking or destroying them. This element can form californium oxide(Cf03), californium trichloride(CfC13)and californium oxychloride (CfOCl). The have been played with by humans. This element was discovered in 1950 by a research team at the university of California. They collide the element with gold copper or tin. A interesting fact about this element its used to start nuclear reactors. Citations

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