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Copy of Essay Writing

How to Write an Essay

Grace Choe

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Essay Writing

Rome wasn't built in one day....
but your essay can be!
What is an essay?
A Group of paragraphs about one subject

Basic Goals in Writing an Essay

but ALL essays follow a similar format.
One sided argument + supporting
"Go green to save the planet!"
analyze, examine & interpret a book, poem, event, etc.
What the colors symbolize in "Rose for Emily"
How to take care of a new puppy.
The best day of my life.

But how do I write persuasive essay?
1. Read this Persuasive Essay Prompt.
Write a persuasive essay to a newspaper reflecting your views on School Bullying. Persisitent bullying is one of
the worst experiences a child can face. How can it be prevented? What steps should schools take to reduce bullying?
Support your position with convincing arguments from your own experience, observations, and/or reading.
2. Underline the question. Circle the verbs. And determine which type of essay they are requesting.
1. Choose a subject!
2. Identify Audience!
3. Brainstorm!
of prisoners
Offering a basic skills program
Up-to-date job
b. construct a thesis statement:
Thesis: the main point you are working to prove throughout your essay
“No man is an island,” wrote the English poet John Donne, We are not alone in this world, and what we do has an effect on others. In fact, what we do for prisoners will affect our lives as well as theirs. If we want criminals to become useful members of society when they get out of jail, we must educate them while they are still in prison.
c. add your three supporting categories
5. Build evidence in
your "body"...
Where is you proof?
Thesis Statement
-a statement that can be proved
-should appeal to the reader's mind, not to just the emotions
-Don't use any vague words.
-An Authority is an expert, someone who can be relied on to give unbiased facts and information.
-helps the reader visualize what will occur if something does or does not happen
-Avoid exaggerating consequence.
6. Write a conclusion
4. Write an introduction
RESTATE the body point in the beginning part of the CONCLUSION!
a. Start with an attention getter. (Quote, story, comment)
It's the opposite of the intro!
the Thesis Statement as a Conclusion!
Great job! Then, let's analyze some persuasive essay samples!
Good job~!
Now, shall we go
grab some McDonald's?
A. Be concise!
B. Be forceful!
c. Be correct!
Explains something.
retell a meaningful incident or personal experience
-should clearly relate to the argument and should be typical enough to support it
-Avoid examples that are not typical.
-shows that you are aware of the opposition's argument and are able to respond to it
-Attack their idea, not their character.
... on the Reasoning Pillar!
Education is the key to a prisoner's reform. To create a successful education program, we must enact four measures. First, we must separate nonviolent prisoners or those violent prisoners who wish to change from violent repeat criminals. Then, for prisoners who want to reform, we need to offer a basic skills program because illiteracy is an obstacle for many prisoners. Without knowing how to read, write, and work with numbers, prisoners can't participate in today's job market and end up trapped in a life of crime. For this same reason, up-to-date job training is also essential. In addition to these opportunities, prisoners should have psychological counseling and religious or moral instruction. Because many prisoners have a history of failure and low opinions of themselves, they need to be encouraged to have confidence in their abilities. Prisoners who have job skills and good self-esteem can overcome their depression and feel optimistic about their chance to succeed. Therefore, they will have a higher chance of success in the world outside of prison.
Answering opposition
Predicting the consequence
Predicting the consequence
Body Supports
Attention Grabber
Thesis Statement
Restate Body Points
End Essay with "awe"
* Let's evaluate two essays with the given rubric.
So, now
do you understand
how to write a good persuasive essay
by using the rubric?

Awesome~ ;)
Shall we try brainstorming another?
Do you agree to slowing down your life?

It’s an irony of our modern lives that while technology is continually invented that saves us time, we use that time to do more and more things, and so our lives are more fast-paced and hectic than ever. Life moves at such a fast pace that it seems to pass us by before we can really enjoy it. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s rebel against a hectic lifestyle and slow down to enjoy life.
A slower-paced life means making time to enjoy your mornings, instead of rushing off to work in a frenzy. It means taking time to enjoy whatever you’re doing, to appreciate the outdoors, to actually focus on whoever you’re talking to or spending time with — instead of always being connected to a Blackberry or iPhone or laptop, instead of always thinking about work tasks and emails. It means single-tasking rather than switching between a multitude of tasks and focusing on none of them. Slowing down is a conscious choice, and not always an easy one, but it leads to a greater appreciation for life and a greater level of happiness.

Q. Do you agree to slowing down your week?
Q. What steps should schools take to reduce bullying?
Which one seems a better essay topic?
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