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Context clues

No description

Ben Silavong

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Context clues

Study Skills
Test taking tips.
When taking a test there are so many things you need to prepare for.
Test-taking part 2
Context clues
Context clues are clues that is given usually to figure out word by the author.
Note-taking Skills
In note-taking there is a word they use call P.O.W.E.R to help them remember the key things.
Here are ways to prepare you.
Things to do during the test.
-Keep your eyes on your papers
P=Prepare: Consider your goals.
Context clues are mostly used to help expand your vocabulary.
There are 3 types of context clues.
1. -Synonym: A word that has the same meaning.
2. -Antonym: Is a word/group that means the opposite but shows a unknown meaning/term.
3. -Explanation: When the unknown word is explain in the sentence.
O=Organize Get the tools of note-taking together.
E=Evaluate Think critically about your notes.
R=Rethink: Review your notes after class to let it process.

Most of your vocabulary is explained by reading.
Here are some examples:
-The boy was very churlish to the teacher.
Churlish: Rude, not friendly manor.
-The boy use to be very vociferous.
Vociferous: loud, noisy,
What i have learn!
-I have learn that context clues are used everywhere.
-It's a better way to understand the content.
W=Work: Process-don't copy-information
-Bring extra pencils.
-Use the bathroom before the test starts.
-Get some sleep.
-Review your notes.
-Bring healthy snacks
-Do the easy questions first then come back to the ones your skipped.
-Stay focus on the assignment.
-Read everything before you answer.
Do not rush you will always have time to finish later.
-When they return the test you should ask questions on the ones you missed.
-Make sure to not throw away the test in case you need to study with it.
Here are ways to make sure that you are actually using the notes.
-After you take the notes you need to make sure you actually read them.
-Actively read the notes to refresh your memory.
-Form a group to study with.
-Review your notes when you have a few minutes of spare time.
What I have learned
-Be a active listener.
Note taking isn't all about just copying but its also processing it.
Note are actually useful if you write them correctly.
-The fire was so conflagration that the whole town was burn to the ground.
Conflagration: A very destructive fire.
After you get the test back.
-If your not happy if your grade go discuss it with the teacher during there office hours/
This will cover the different type of test
Multiple Choice
-Make sure to not change your answer to many times cause usually your first choice is right.
-Mark out the answers you know that is wrong.
-Read the whole question before you answer.
-Manage your time wisely.
-Make a out line.
-If the writing is about fact don't write opinions.
-Read over it before you turn it in.
What I have learned
-I have learned that there are many ways to take a test. I have learn how to consume your time wisely. I have found out that there are ways to take a test andn prepare for a test
Unit 2: Context Clues
Unit 3: Note-taking
Unit 4: Test Taking Strategies.
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