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Corporate Social Responsibility @ H&M

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Maria V

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Corporate Social Responsibility @ H&M

Responsibility Dutch: maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen >> CONTENT Past and present Fun H&M facts intern CSR extern CSR conclusion Past and present Founder: Erling Persson

Store for cheap clothes

First shop in 1947 in Sweden
Hennes means 'hers' combined with Mauritz Widforss ...outdoor clothing store for men Hennes & Mauritz
= = Past... ...present Today's boss: Karl-Johann Persson
Global billion dollar company “H&M offers a broad and varied range that allows customers to find their own personal style. H&M brings you fashion and quality at the best price.” 2200 stores spread over 40 countries
87.000 employees worldwide
over 100 own designers
own-brand cosmetics, accessories and footwear
top 3 Biggest markets: 1 Germany, 2 UK, 3 Sweden
turnover in 2010 € 14.179.625.287
profit in 2010 € fun H&M facts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) intern Sustainability & environmental policy
Conscious Actions Sustainability Report (sustainability = duurzaamheid) Sustainability & environmental policy “We have a responsibility towards everyone who contributes to our success, including those who are not employees of H&M. That is why we work closely with our suppliers to develop a long-term, sustainable social and environmental standard in the factories that manufacture H&M's products.” Environmental awareness

Respect for nature

Sustainable use of resources

Healthy products

Green transport

Clean production chain 6 commitments in
The Environmental Policy Conscious Actions Sustainability Report Transparancy in sustainability
Annual report to show achievements
Conscious as keyword Be conscious in what you do and buy Achievements in 2010 H&M and Levi's made a pact for:

Instruction video's for factory workers how to:

Study camps for disadvantaged youth how to:

chance for a better life - global ban for sandblasting
- use of organic cotton - work safe for themselves as for the environment
- live conscious - work in the H&M factories extern Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Organic cotton
Conscious Collection
Fashion Against Aids Organic Cotton = grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers

At first only in baby garments

...later cotton mixes were used

Since 2007 garements of 100% organic cotton

In 2010 the first organic cotton collection was launched - recognisable by specially made tag spring collection 2011

100% organic cotton and recycled polyester

Goal = making people conscious Conscious Collection Conscious Collection H&M is one of the largest
users of organic cotton Fashion Against Aids Fashion Against Aids = annual collection at H&M

Collaboration with Designers Against Aids (DAA) since 2008

25% of incomes donated to Aids prevention projects

Teach young workers about Aids and HIV

Since 2008 H&M donated 4 million euro Main goal = creating awarness
about Aids and HIV Selma Blair Conclusion bron: www.hm.com Stefan Persson takes over in 1982

Production chain in full control concerning
sustainability, enviromental and human rights

Conscious Collection and Fashion Against Aids collection

H&M donates 1 million euro a year to charity

Show Corporate Social Responsibility through annual report The End Thank you by Maria van der Velde The Garden Collection @ the web shop cheap clothing for women and men Penn Badgley Keri Hilson H&M uses celebrities for Akon selma blair Goal = all collections made
of organic cotton in 2013 Maria H&M 4 ever Cheap, fair fashion Maria H&M $ $ $ $ $ H&M = Corporate Social Responsible
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