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Polar Fleece

For Tech - PJs Party

Jessie Amy

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Polar Fleece


By Jessica Fernandez 8L

Polar fleece is the original synthetic fleece fabric that has made it easier for us to dress in cold weather. This fabric is soft, comfortable, warm and it also dries quickly.
What is Polar Fleece?
- It is a very lightweight fabric.

- People who are allergic to wool feel very comfortable using this fabric.

- It holds in heat, which makes it an ideal material for light weight blankets, jackets, hoodies, and hats.
in Polar Fleece
- It is
not a windproof material
, so jackets made of fleece fabrics will keep you warm
if it is
not windy.

- The fleece fabric is a
flammable material
and has to be treated with a coating to reduce the tendency to
catch fire easily

- It gets easily damaged with
high heat
. When ironing, if the iron is very hot, the material will
, or the imprint of the iron would leave a
mark on the fabric.
in Polar Fleece
Polar Fleece is used in various clothing such as beanies, jackets, jumpers, vests, baby clothing, scarves, gloves and also can be used for blankets, towels and animal covers for horses, dogs etc.
Uses of
Polar Fleece
Think layered
clothes when
traveling to
Antarctica is
the best way to go!
You have the
best chance
of staying
warm this way!
This system is
referred to as
the "layer method"
of dressing.
Numerous layers are
built up, each of which
has its own part with
its own features.
Contrasting Polar Fleece
and Cotton Fabrics
Comparing Polar Fleece
and Cotton Fabrics
- Fleece is 100% polyester,
man-made fabric.

-Cotton is natural fiber.

-Fleece will last longer.

-Cotton is more breathable.

- Fleece is better for warmth.
'One by one, crew members died, and the remaining ones set up their last camp on 11 March. They were only a few kilometres from One Ton Depot, where there were supplies, but a raging blizzard prevented them from reaching it. The rest of the crew were found dead in their sleeping bags by a rescue party on 12 November 1912.'
Robert Scott's Expedition
to the South Pole
The possible outcome of Robert Scott's expedition to the South Pole if polar fleece had been available to the men, might have made it easier for the men to get to their next checkpoint, or to survive for a more longer period of time - They
not have passed away at
that time
. But, they would eventually pass away due to other reasons e.g starvation, weather temperatures, harder to breath etc.
- Both are CAN be made out of recycled materials (recycled PET bottles, recycled fleece or recovered cotton).

- Soft materials.

- Easy to wash.


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