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Personal Narrative

ENGL 3303

Christina Kennedy

on 3 May 2012

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Transcript of Personal Narrative

by Super Girls
High School Freshmen
The Personal Narrative Essay
Narrative Structure
Moral/main point
of the essay
Closing Sentence
The "Hook"
Set the Scene
Thesis: begins events
Supporting Evidence
Passage of time
"Show Don't Tell"
Brainstorming Ideas
Personal Story
From the general to the specific
An Embarrassing Moment in High school
A personal event that impacted your life
an embarrassing moment
Point of View:
Personal Essay
To tell a story about a significant life moment
Personal narrative structure
First Person Limited
Example of a Personal Narrative:
"Disney's TTI "Second Chance."
A video narrative of a embarrassing moment that resulted in personal enlightenment.

Notice of use of the personal narrative structure.
students to mentor text
Mentor text
Week 1.
"The Boy with John Travolta Blue Eyes"-(The Write Source)
Introduce and begin
Journal Entries
TEKS: 2 Reading/Comprehension of Theme or Genre.(C) Write a script with an explicit/Implicit theme..(B)Write procedural/work related documents(projects). (i)organized and accurately conveyed information.(ii)reader friendly formatting techniques.
Taboo with sentences
"write a short paragraph on how someone would look before a big math test."
avoid words like nervous, anxious, scared ect...
Mini Writing Assign.
Tragic/Happy event
the time I..
new pet
favorite person
scary moment
family issues
An event in high school
The day of kick
team tryouts
TEK: 15 writing procedural text.(i) effective introductory and conclusion... (iii) transition (iii) controlling idea or thesis (iv)org. structure and purpose (v) relevant info and valid inferences
What I Learned
What I Did
Respect for myself.
It is OK
to fail.
Working hard = good results
Self-confidence in my skills.
Faced the judges;
including myself.
Succeeded too well. (knocked-out)
a lot.
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Mapping and outlining
The Writing Process
Rossy Sanchez, Raquel Castillo, Christina Kennedy
Revising and Editing
Narrowing the Topic
Students write the first draft
Peer Reading
Final Essay
Share and Reflect
The BIG Picture
Personal Narratives are found in:
College Applications
Job Applications
Opinion Articles
To Teach a Life Lesson
Your Life
Your Lessons
Photo: Stock Google. 2001
Photo: http://blog.writeathome.com
Fair Use Statement:
In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go
(15 min of free writing each day)
I. Rough draft and feedback sheet form peer review____10pts
II. Content and Organization
A. Introduction
1. Thesis____15pts
B Organization
1. facts/events in order____15pts
C. Body
1. Clear purpose
2. Sensory detail
3. flow____20pts
D. Conclusion
1. Strong main point/thesis
2.Necessity for action
3. Commitment/Action
4. Attitude____20pts
III. Mechanics
A. Word Choice/Clarity/fluency
B. Syntax
C. Spelling
D. Punctuation____20pts
Adjective out of order
Noden's Brush Strokes
Action Verb
Week 2.
Figures of Speech
something [is*] AS adjective AS something
His skin was as cold as ice..
She looked as gentle as a lamb.

something [is*] LIKE something
My love is like a red, red rose.
He had a temper (that was) like a volcano.

something [does**] LIKE something
He smokes like a chimney.
They fought like cats and dogs.
says that one thing is another different thing.

John is a pig.
Her Home was a prison.
simile (the difference) metaphor
Your eyes are like the sun. You are my sunshine.
He eats like a dog He is a dog.
He lives like a dog
1st Rough Draft
"Kick team tryouts"
Grammar Exercises
(20 most common errors) & sentence strips -Anderson
Week 3
TEK(13) Writing/Writing Process.( plan 1st draft by selecting correct genre (B) Structure ideas outline/map (Reading/Comprehension of literary text/theme/genre (15) Writing Procedural Text (B) Write procedural or work-related doc. (i) organized & accurately conveyed info. (ii) reader friendly formatting techniques. (13)
1st rough draft
2nd Rough draft
rotate papers
(Real all around groups)
(1-minute to read)
identity is unknown
only through assigned #
focusing on only specific areas
(intro, conclusion, transitions, supporting details, ...ect.
have 2 minutes to vote
the best paper in specific area
Peer Editing
outside peer review
"Where Do I Belong?"-by Anastasia Q
"The tall, thin body stood out like a glistening jewel among the dull coal of the locker bay."(The write source)
"It would have been easier to see her through the gauze, but instead I looked down on the stark face that seemed suddenly so empty and evil."(Angelou)
"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings."(Maya Angelou)
All students must
read total of 5 papers
Turn in Final Draft
"Show Don't Tell"
Use Dialogue.
Use Sensory Language.
Be Descriptive.
Be Specific, Not Vague.
(and journal entries)
"I have never see anything like it."
"It was a large hairy beast, with four eyes and blubbery green mass for it's body."
TEKS (13) Writing Process (C) revise drafts to improve style, word choice, figurative language...ect (D) edit drafts for grammar,mechanics, and spelling. (E) revise final draft in response to feed back from peers and teacher and publish.
"He sat on the chair"
"With the grace of a one-legged imp, he sat on the chair."
words that describe one or more of the five senses.
Allow yourself and students time to reflect on the process.
Writing a personal essay:
allows for self-discovery
shares your life with others
eye opening
Ask yourself:
What did you learn?
What would you do different?

Super Girls 9th Grade
Rossy Sanchez, Raquel Castillo, Christina Kennedy
"The Personal Narrative Essay"
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