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No description

Atonement Student

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of HAHA YEET

My Thick Question:
How can I effectively write a novel that is fun to read and easy to understand for students?
Reason for Choosing Topic:
I've always had a huge passion for writing stories. I also want to prove how passionate I am in my writing.
* Microsoft Word
*Notes (on my phone)

* Created a main event sheet including how the story is going to lead up during those events.
* Made a character chart of people who have so far been in the story.
*Began writing the first pages of my story.
*Completed the book cover.
*After that, I kept of writing the pages, and dialog on a separate device.
* Not having the "flow" with my writing. I over came this by finishing all of my other homework first so I could only focus on my story.
* I felt very disappointed with the out come my novel with how many pages I've written but when I was only writing the dialog I have over 100 pages. So I continued writing dialog instead.
Creating a novel
By: Audrey NARANJO

*Finished half of character chart.
*Completed over 100 pages of dialog.
*Finished the cover of the book cover.

Am I Proud?
*Yes, I am proud because I had my self a huge schedule of 20-25 pages a week.
What did I Learn?
*I've learned to take your time and not to rush the process of work.
*Changing 20-25 pages to 15-20 pages a week.
*Only type dialog.
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