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Aural Micro Suction Procedure

No description

Paul Nand

on 11 October 2018

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Transcript of Aural Micro Suction Procedure

It compliments what you do
It tells more people who you are
It brings in a direct cash revenue
Why else?

Why you need to do this
Aural Micro Suction Course
We need to be extra clean and clinical
non-powdered vinyl gloves
hand washing
sanitiser gels
anti-bacterial wipes
paper towels
doctors lab coat?
Clinical Environment
Basic Details
Consent Form
Gather information and relax patient
Regular Otoscopy
Video Otoscopy
Procedure Explanation
Noise, tools, glasses, canal, gentle pulling feeling, discomfort, water bottle, etc
Micro suction
Regular Otoscopy
Flush & Tidy
Video Otoscopy
Screen Test
Option to Return for Check Up
The Procedure
Wipes - Alcohol or anti-bacterial
Cannula - 6mm/5mm single use
Computer/phone/tablet - VO images
Forceps - outer third use only
Gloves - disposable
Loupes - Magnification and Light source
Sanitizer - Sanitizing tube & cannister
Water Bottle - For flushing
Suction tubes - single use
Suction Unit - risk assessment & inform
Paper Towel - cleaning
Video Otoscope - visual record
Receptacle - Lined washable bin
Ear Cup/Noots tank - hand syringe
Tools & Equipment
Balance problems within last 30 days
Variable hearing loss within last 30 days
Discharge containing blood
Pain in the outer/middle ear (without medical comment
Recent perforations (within 90 days)
Can't keep head still
Hard impacted wax
Wax beyond the second bend of the canal
Foriegn bodies (five attempts)

Seek medical advice & use clinical judgement
The Purpose of The Disclaimer is...

It will not protect against incorrect practice and it is your duty to perform all micro suction clinics as laid out in the manual.
Micro Suction Consent Form
Review the Record Card
If the client is one of yours - review history.

Micro Suction Wax Removal Consent Form
You need to understand
The patient needs to understand

Requirements prior to micro suction
Mobile number - marketing (3 months max)
Email - more if required
Doctor's Surgery - find fax number
Address if a home visit
Date of Birth - surgery patient search
Video Otoscopy
Show and explain the condition
Take a still image
Various ways to save image - cloud based best
Store on Noah
Attach to your electronic diary
Note file number and write on consent form - scan (Camscanner)
Your Work Environment
Non porous cleanable surfaces
Equipment must be clean and in good condition
Anything that touches the patient must be pre-sterilised, sanitised and/or anti bacterial-wiped
Single Use Items must be one per customer (suction tubes, cannula & Jobsons)
Separate tools must be used for each ear if infected
There must be enough space to manoevre
Get out all the tools
The pump works better if its fully charged
Ensure headlight is charged
MicroSuction Procedure
Explain the procedure to the patient
Position the customer
Use of Loupes
Use of cannula
Suction pump and suction tube
Use of wax loop
Use of forceps
Move the customer around
Take a break
Post MicroSuction Procedure
Suction remaining sanitised water into cannister

Remove gloves and dispose of tissues, debris, wipes disposable tools

Video otoscopy (save) & explain the results exactly as they are

Discussion & payment & SCREEN TEST!
hellofax.com works as a chrome app
myfax.com/free/ - 2 free faxes per day

Plenty of online fax service companies
Taking pictures & videos to share is encouraged but please don't include patient faces
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