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Wind Energy

Our Alternative Energy source we chose as a solution to replace 20% of Virginia Beach's current energy is Wind Power

Gabriella Barranta

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Wind Energy

Alternative Energy Project (for VA Beach)
By: Gabby Barranta and Ashley Suyo
The CEO of Energy Everywhere is requesting for a new, reliable, and positive energy source to be harnessed in Virginia Beach. The energy choice we have chosen is wind power.
Solar Energy/Power
What is it?
Solar power is power obtained by harnessing the energy of the sun's rays.
- An obvious concern: Sunlight isn't available 24/7

- Probably 1/2 of the 12 hours considered to be "daytime" actually provide a decent amount of light

- Sunny weather everyday at VA Beach? Not a chance

- Renewable, clean, safe

- Creates millions of jobs

- Can be used on cars, homes, buildings, etc.

Algae Biofuel

A popular option for an alternative energy resource is algae biofuel.
What is it?
Certain types of algae contain natural oils that can be readily distilled into a vegetable oil or a number of petroleum-like products that could serve as drop-in replacements for gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.
Bio-based fuel with essentially carbon neutral combustion
Inherently renewable
Absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows
Both waste CO2 and wastewater can be used as nutrients
Research has been underway for 50 years
Need to be grown under controlled temperature conditions
Requires a considerable amount of land and water
Cold flow issues with algal biofuel
Some researchers using genetic engineering to develop optimal algae strains
Requires phosphorus as a fertilizer which is becoming scarce
Fertilizer production is carbon dependent
Relatively high upfront capital costs
Not clear yet what the ultimate cost per gallon will be.
Presently too high.
Pros and Cons
Wave Power
Power/Energy harnessed by the power of the waves.
Wave power is consistent because the waves are constantly washing a shore.

Wave power is also pollution free and is very efficient.


The Marine Life gets affected -
The sea life could get harmed, displaced, or disrupted.

High Initial Costs -
It's not cost efficient.

Reduced Sea Usage -
The ocean dwelling device farms could reduce fishing and recreational areas.

There could be a lot of noise that will caused between the intake and movement of water.

Wind Power
Wind power is a type of alternative energy that can harness winds through wind turbines. The turbines capture winds and converts it into energy through a generator that is within the turbine.
Wind energy is free and 100% renewable
It is clean and efficient and produces no pollution
Wind turbines are more commonly used
Wind energy has fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Wind turbines are compatible with any sort of land and other land uses
Energy makes up for the large amount of money spent
Why wind power?
A single wind turbine can power 500 homes
At times, wind power produces as much as 45% of the electricity in Spain
Why Wind Energy fits VA Beach?
VA Beach is recognized to have a naturally windy environment. With several successes of other wind turbines being installed in other bodies of water, VA Beach would be guaranteed sturdy and stable turbines.
Furthermore, with one turbine powering several hundred homes, with a lot more, the entire city could be powered with no problem!
Financial Proposal
45-60 million dollars create approximately create 15 wind turbines if not more. We would be purchasing a utility scale/commercial scale turbines. These are 2 MW in size.
Total of 712,790 homes.
Generates 210 MW
324,000 homes = 45%
- Seeking approx. $60 million dollars

- Will require 5 years maximum to establish.

Solution to Problems
No possible way to avoid this.
Proven to be safe!!
THANK YOU. I look forward to working with you.
- Sea traffic interference

- Migration issues (birds)

- No experiments
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