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Civic Mirror

No description

Harmeet Heer

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Civic Mirror

Budapest San
Francisco The Civic Mirror:

Connections to our Society By: Harmeet Heer
Shahmir Saleem Simulated Experience Simulated Experience (Cont 2) Simulated Experience (Cont 3) Problems Faced! Problems Faced! (Cont 3) Connections to Reality Connections to Reality (Cont 2) Connections to Reality (Cont 3) Connections to Reality (Cont 4) Lessons Learned More Lessons Learned Lessons Learned (Cont 3) • Law: We learned that laws are put into place in order to successfully govern society

• There were several laws that we had placed and when certain individuals broke the laws and there was a good chance that they will show up in court

• We also realized that the importance of the jury, lawyers, and knowing what you are doing • Government: We had two elections so far, we learned more about the election process such as the campaign, voting, etc

• Also we realized that the government necessarily doesn't work best for the citizens • Society: During this simulation the
society relied on each other in order to live and survive and depending on the government the lifestyle How has this experience prepared you for Reality? • With this experience you some what understand how citizens behave in a society. For example some maybe helpful and some might betray you

• It teaches many qualities such as hardworking and persistence • It also teaches a value of taking things into consideration and not just waste them How has this simulation changed the attitude and outlook about your future as an active citizen? The very first lesson that we have learned is not to take things for granted and should not waste valuable items.

• For example we developed/wasted rivers in the game, and thanks to this there are no longer any rivers available and the population is decreasing due to this.

• This example is also very harmful to the environment We had learned is to vote for a party that best represents your beliefs and opinions

We also learned that laws should be followed, and if everyone follows the laws there would be no problems

We learned that its important to be an active citizen. We all should know what our rights are and responsibilities and what is expected of you POWER Environment Deaths Power was not evenly distributed at times

For some it was expensive During the length of the game, many family members had died

Most cases for death were due to no food, no electricity, security, etc Some were cutting down many trees just so they can make a property and then make money off of it

Also many people built a property rivers and currently there are is not single river left in the great nation of Kanazikstan Stealing In the nation of Kanazikstan there were a lot of stealing/robbing going on

People were stealing other people's money, properties, etc

Some got punished for their crimes and other got away with it We have chosen to relate the problem of the Environment in Kanazikstan with real life

The problem we had with the Environment in Kanazikstan also happens in real life infact it is known as Deforestation! What is Deforestation?
Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is converted to a non-forest use
Examples: Farms, Houses, Malls, Roads, etc What is bad about it?
Forests are the source of our oxygen, and if we cut them it will obviously be harmful to us
They are the backbone of many ecosystems, protecting them provides homes to many species
Etc Real Life Same Civic Mirror Cutting down trees to make something else
Cutting down trees without thinking of the consequences
The results of this are the same in both worlds At the current rate of desforestation, in 100 years we will no longer have any existing rain forests
12 -15 million hectares of forest are lost each year
Deforestation increases Global Warming
Nearly half of the world's species of plants, animals and micro organisms will be destroyed/severely threatened over the next quarter century due to this
One and a half acres of forest is being cut down every second Few river hexes are left
Some family members have died due the lack of water/rivers available
Law is currently in place for more environment protection The real life issue of Deforestation has not been resolved and is currently going on and will keep on going until serious enforcement is placed

Some ways of resolving this problem are:
Using less paper
Stand up if you believe this is wrong
Etc THANK YOU! •This simulation has taught us to respect the law because there are consequences may result in a court case. This simulation also relates to reality as not following the law may result in the appearance in court
• This experience has also taught me to use money effectively because in the beginning i didn't have much money to spend and i had to spend it effectively.
•Also another lesson i learned was to vote for the right party to be leader of this country because the leader is supposed to lead the country to success
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