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Latest & future Computer Hardwares

No description

michelle tagala

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Latest & future Computer Hardwares

In the field of Computer technology advance versions and models
come and go! and
what will we have for tomorrow? we have laptops, This year... ...many innovations have come! In the field of computer technology ...new versions and models continuously come and go! ink Computer Hardwares
Today & Tomorrow Now, let us discover the newest and the latest
computer hardwares of today mini wireless mouse;
Radio Frequency 2.4G (10 meter operation distance)
-Auto powers save and sleep function
-Working on any surface except glass and mirror
•2.4GHz free moving in 10 meters
•Resolution frequency(500-1600DPI) conversion
•Built in mini-receiver design
•Energy-saving techonology. 2 pieces of AAA alkaline battery supply over 3 months working time.
* 16 automatically switchable working frequency and over 60,000 groups of secure encoding to free external interfere mini wireless mouse 1 2 Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn

The Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn is an all – in – one printer that will provide you excellent speed and quality output for your small office or workgroup.

The Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn is fast and has good paper handling. It prints, scans and faxes over the network and it also works as a standalone copier and fax machine New desktop 2011 from Gateway DX4300-22 Desktop PC.
has beautiful design and modern style
features built-in computers that is ideal for students, families and small businesses.
features an affordable quad-core power from a 2.6GHz AMD Phenom II X4 Processor with 6MB cache paired with the responsiveness and a gorgeous 23″ HD widescreen LCD with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.
provide discrete graphics come care of an ATI Radeon HD 5450, 1TB SATA hard drive, and 6GB DDR2 memory that will let you blaze through your digital media projects 3 canon color imageclass printer uses a touchscreen that slides in portrait mold to reveal a keyboard.

a multimedia and gaming device with RIM reportedly working with EA on bringing some gaming titles to the touchscreen tablet phone.

said to be perfecting its SurePress touchscreen technology for the device. SurePress has been a polarizing technology for users as it is a different method of touch interaction, which requires an actual screen press--like a touchpad click--to make a selection.
employ a 5-megapixel camera, accelerometer, digital compass, and GPS. features Rim blackberry touch screen 4 Gateway Desktop PC the p6710f offers about what you could anticipate from a desktop PC of this size and price
transcode a video file in Handbrake, and process a photo in Photoshop CS5 with 12 different filters and effects.
the desktop is limited to six USB 2.0 ports Those devices are the products
of people's creative mind! In the future, more high-tech and unique devices are waiting to be released . like... 3D Monitor foldable mouse easy grip mouse multi-touch mouse prototype phone barcode reader wireless barcode reader from the world of computer technology! We are in the modern era and today is a revolution... ...tomorrow is still a surprise!
yet, there will be more to expect thank you!!! descriptions Touchscreen HP Pavillon p6710f
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